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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

Supplies for maintaining garrisons. Store at Bases to prevent decay on surrounding structures.
In-game description


Garrison Supplies (also known as G.Supplies or GSup)[1] are used to prevent decay on the defenses surrounding a Forward Base, Bunker Base, or World Base.

After stockpiling them in a base that has the Small GarrisonIconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png upgrade, they are slowly consumed to prevent the decay of any defenses surrounding the base in range. They are consumed at a rate of two Garrison Supplies per hour per defensive building in range of the base. The consumption rate can be reduced to one Garrison Supplies per hour per defensive building if the base has the Large GarrisonIconUpgradesLargeGarrison.png upgrade.

If a base has both Garrison Supplies and Bunker Supplies, it will first use all the garrison supplies.

You can check a base's current Garrison Supplies and Bunker Supplies consumption by hovering your mouse over the tiny icons in the top right corner of the Base menu. If a particular supply type is currently preventing decay and getting consumed the text will say "On" rather than "Off".

"Supply Surplus" are a supply bonus that can occur in backline regions if there are very few structures in the region, decreasing the hourly consumption of garrison or bunker supplies.

Garrison Supplies cannot prevent the fast decay of structures within 150m of a region border.


Garrison Supplies are obtained via production in a Factory.


text shown when placing your mouse on the tiny Garrison Supplies icon.

A base warning about missing


Bunker Supplies are the bunker equivalent of Garrison Supplies, except they only prevent decay of bunkers and trenches.