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A Machine Gun Pillbox's AI firing.

Many structures can be garrisoned by "AI soldiers", allowing them to automatically fire at enemies they see.

Garrisoning Structures[]

Bases provide garrison to the structures around them, the radius depends on the base type. However bases only provide garrison when they've unlocked the Small Garrison IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png upgrade or when they have the Provisional Garrison IconUpgradesProvisionalGarrison.png upgrade unlocked and 10+ players have set their spawn at that base.

You can tell if a structure is garrisoned or not by the appearance of its flag, which flies proudly if it is garrisoned but is small and tattered if it is not. For defensive buildings with windows (Town Base, Garrisoned House, Safe House), the AI is represented by the size of the cloth under the window.

small flag = no AI , large flag = active AItiny cloth = no AI, cloth under window = active AI

It's common to build bases in certain locations specifically to provide garrisons to defenses.

Garrison Supplies are not required for structures to be garrisoned - they just prevent structure decay.

Power is also not required, it only helps the AI's range at night.

Firing Range[]

The range of those AI soldiers is specific to each defense type, but the AI soldiers can only fire if they see their target within that range. The AI soldiers have the same vision as players. They cannot shoot targets behind solid structures. At night their vision range is limited (to a minimum of 14m at midnight) when it comes to infantry, Emplacements, Tripods, and Field Guns but they can still see other vehicles and structures fine. Players on foot can thus get closer to garrisoned defenses without being shot at night than during the day.

AI defenses with powered spotlights (Rifle Garrison, AT Gun Garrison, etc...) keep their daytime range during the night.

Unlike the players, AI-controlled defenses are unfazed by bushes and will shoot at you even if you are hidden in them.

The AI is also not blinded by smoke but it reduces its maximum range and accuracy.


Many garrisoned defenses will retaliate when fired upon by an enemy they can target (e.g. Anti-Tank Pillbox can't retaliate against infantry). Their range become increased beyond their normal firing range until the target is dead or out of sight. Retaliation will still occur if a soldier fires from outside the defense's night vision radius.

For Bunker Garrisons the retaliation also occurs if any bunker piece directly connected to them is attacked (trench connection doesn't count). Thus putting different types of bunker garrison in the same block can counter multiple types of attack (infantry, vehicle, artillery).


Garrisoned defenses can be suppressed by firing at them. See AI Defense Suppression.

Losing Garrison[]

If a structure is garrisoned when all the garrison providers in range of it are destroyed then it will stay garrisoned for ten minutes, after which it loses its garrison and will not fire on enemies until the garrison is restored.

Garrisonable Structures[]

Entering Garrisoned Defenses[]

Players can get inside most garrisoned defenses but they can't fire the structure's weapon, only the AI soldiers can. However the players can shoot their own equipped weapon from inside. Being inside the structure renders the player untouchable but they can be killed by Gas Grenades, just like when they are in a vehicle.

The only garrisoned structures that can't be entered by players are: AT Gun Garrison, Howitzer Garrison, Coastal Gun, Seaport.