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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

The Garage is where all land based vehicles are built. Vehicles are built by spawning the appropriate build site and hitting it with a Hammer.
In-game description

The Garage is a world structure where all land based vehicles are built and can be repaired. If destroyed it can be rebuilt with a Construction Vehicle and 400 Basic Materials (the connected Town Base must have unlocked the "Industry" upgrade).

Building Vehicles[]

To build vehicles, the player interacts with the building (by default pressing the E key). A vehicle build menu opens and the player can select which vehicle they want to build. A blueprint of the selected vehicle will spawn inside the Garage. Players can then build the vehicle using their hammers on the blueprint. Similar to building defenses, players need to have the right materials in their inventories in order to build. Up to 3 players can construct a single vehicle at the same time. Only one vehicle blueprint can be created at a time.

Only vehicle models belonging to your Faction and that have been researched can be created at a garage.

If the inside of the garage is blocked by players or vehicles, new vehicles cannot be built.

Vehicles spawn with 10% fuel (Diesel) inside them.

Only 3 land based vehicles are not built at a Garage: Construction Vehicles and Cranes are built near World Bases and Bicycles randomly spawn around towns.

Land vehicles can also be mass produced at a Mass Production Factory.

Repairing Vehicles[]

The Garage can instantly repair any land vehicle via a button Full Repair Icon.png in the Garage menu. The vehicle must be parked inside the Garage. The action costs 100 Basic Material that must be in the Garage inventory. Garage repairs also reset armor on armored vehicles, the only method to do such thing. However, vehicles specific to one faction cannot have their armor reset at a garage owned by the opposite faction.

Garage Vehicles[]

Icon Class Vehicle Name Cost Faction
Dunne Responder 3e Vehicle Icon.png
Ambulance Dunne Responder 3e 150 Basic Materials.png Warden.png
R-12 - Salus Ambulance Vehicle Icon.png
Ambulance R-12 - "Salus" Ambulance 150 Basic Materials.png Colonial.png
T5 Percutio Vehicle Icon.png
Armoured Car T5 "Percutio" 40 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
T8 Gemini Vehicle Icon.png
Armoured Car T8 "Gemini" 45 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
O’Brien v.113 Gravekeeper Vehicle Icon.png
Armoured Car O’Brien V.113 Gravekeeper 45 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
O'Brien v.101 Freeman Vehicle Icon.png
Armoured Car O'Brien V.101 Freeman 60 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
O'Brien v110 Vehicle Icon.png
Armoured Car O'Brien V.110 35 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
T3 Xiphos Vehicle Icon.png
Armoured Car T3 "Xiphos" 40 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
O'Brien v.121 Highlander Vehicle Icon.png
Armoured Car O'Brien V.121 Highlander 40 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
86K-c Ranseur Vehicle Icon.png
Assault Tank 86K-c "Ranseur" 185 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
85K-a Spatha Vehicle Icon.png
Assault Tank 85K-a "Spatha" 165 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Silverhand - Mk. IV Vehicle Icon.png
Assault Tank Silverhand - Mk. IV 170 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Silverhand Chieftan - Mk. VI Vehicle Icon.png
Assault Tank Silverhand Chieftain - Mk. VI 185 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
85K-b Falchion Vehicle Icon.png
Assault Tank 85K-b "Falchion" 165 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
86K-a Bardiche Vehicle Icon.png
Assault Tank 86K-a "Bardiche" 175 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Flood Mk-1 Vehicle Icon.png
Battle Tank Flood Mk-1 200x2 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Flood Ascension Mk. V Vehicle Icon.png
Battle Tank Flood Ascension Mk. V 235x2 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Flood Juggernaut Mk. VII Vehicle Icon.png
Battle Tank Flood Juggernaut Mk. VII 245x2 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Lance-40 Hallberd Vehicle Icon.png
Battle Tank Lance-40 "Hallberd" 185x2 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Lance-36 Vehicle Icon.png
Battle Tank Lance-36 175x2 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II Vehicle Icon.png
Cruiser Tank Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II 165 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Gallagher Highwayman Mk. III Vehicle Icon.png
Cruiser Tank Gallagher Highwayman Mk. III 170 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Noble Widow MK. XIV Vehicle Icon.png
Destroyer Tank Noble Widow MK. XIV 160 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
AA-2 Battering Ram Vehicle Icon.png
Field AT Gun AA-2 Battering Ram 30 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Collins Cannon 68mm Vehicle Icon.png
Field AT Gun Collins Cannon 68mm 30 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
120-68 Koronides Field Gun Vehicle Icon.png
Field Artillery 120-68 "Koronides" Field Gun 50 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Balfour Wolfhound 40mm Vehicle Icon.png
Field Cannon Balfour Wolfhound 40mm 30 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Swallowtail 988-145-2 Vehicle Icon.png
Field Machine Gun Swallowtail 988/127-2 25 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
G40 Sagittarii Vehicle Icon.png
Field Machine Gun G40 Sagittarii 25 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Balfour Falconer 250mm Vehicle Icon.png
Field Mortar Balfour Falconer 250mm 35 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Flatbed Truck BMS Packmule Flatbed 30 Refined Materials.png
RR-3 Stolon Tanker Vehicle Icon.png
Fuel Tanker RR-3 "Stolon" Tanker 100 Basic Materials.png Colonial.png
Dunne Fuelrunner 2d Vehicle Icon.png
Fuel Tanker Dunne Fuelrunner 2d 100 Basic Materials.png Warden.png
HH-b Hoplite Vehicle Icon.png
Half-Track HH-b "Hoplite" 70 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Niska Mk. 2 Blinder Vehicle Icon.png
Half-Track Niska Mk. 2 Blinder 85 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
HH-a Javelin Vehicle Icon.png
Half-Track HH-a "Javelin" 55 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Niska Mk. 1 Gun Motor Carriage Vehicle Icon.png
Half-Track Niska Mk. 1 Gun Motor Carriage 60 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
HH-d Peltast Vehicle Icon.png
Half-Track HH-d "Peltast" 70 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Harvester BMS Scrap Hauler 120 Refined Materials.png
Balfour Rampart 40mm Vehicle Icon.png
Heavy Field Cannon Balfour Rampart 40mm 40 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
68-45 Smelter Heavy Field Gun Vehicle Icon.png
Heavy Field Gun 68-45 “Smelter” Heavy Field Gun 40 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
AB-8 Acheron Vehicle Icon.png
Landing APC AB-8 Acheron 20 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
AB-11 Doru Vehicle Icon.png
Landing APC AB-11 "Doru" 45 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Mulloy LPC Vehicle Icon.png
Landing APC Mulloy LPC 20 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
HC-2 Scorpion Vehicle Icon.png
Light Infantry Tank HC-2 "Scorpion" 140 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Devitt Mark III Vehicle Icon.png
Light Tank Devitt Mark III 140 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
H5 Hatchet Vehicle Icon.png
Light Tank H5 Hatchet 135 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
H-8 Kranesca Vehicle Icon.png
Light Tank H-8 "Kranesca" 160 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Devitte-Caine Mk-IV MMR Icon.png
Light Tank Devitt-Caine MK-IV MMR 150 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Devitt Ironhide Mk. IV Vehicle Icon.png
Light Tank Devitt Ironhide Mk. IV 150 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
H-10 Pelekys Vehicle Icon.png
Light Tank H-10 "Pelekys" 145 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
UV-05 Collector Vehicle Icon.png
Light Utility Vehicle UV-05 "Collector" 10 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
UV-24 Icarus Vehicle Icon.png
Light Utility Vehicle UV-24 "Icarus" 25 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Drummond Spitfire 100d Vehicle Icon.png
Light Utility Vehicle Drummond Spitfire 100d 15 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Drummond Loscann 55c Vehicle Icon.png
Light Utility Vehicle Drummond Loscann 55c 10 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
UV-5c Odyssey Vehicle Icon.png
Light Utility Vehicle UV-5c "Odyssey" 10 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Drummond 100a Vehicle Icon.png
Light Utility Vehicle Drummond 100a 10 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
UV-05a Argonaut Vehicle Icon.png
Light Utility Vehicle UV-05a "Argonaut" 10 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
Mechanized Utility Vehicle "Centurion" MU-2 Colonial.png
Herne QMW 1a Scourge Hunter Vehicle Icon.png
Mechanized Utility Vehicle Herne QMW 1a Scourge Hunter Warden.png
Kivela Power Wheel 80-1 Vehicle Icon.png
Motorcycle Kivela Power Wheel 80-1 85 Basic Materials.png Warden.png
00MS Stinger Motorcycle Vehicle Icon.png
Motorcycle 00MS "Stinger" 110 Basic Materials.png Colonial.png
03MM Caster Vehicle Icon.png
Motorcycle 03MM "Caster" 85 Basic Materials.png Colonial.png
King Spire MK-I Icon.png
Scout Tank King Spire MK-I 80 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
King Gallant MK-II Icon.png
Scout Tank King Gallant MK-II 90 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
HC-7 Ballista Vehicle Icon.png
Siege Tank HC-7 "Ballista" 155 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
T12 Actaeon Tankette Vehicle Icon.png
Tankette T12 "Actaeon" Tankette 50 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
T20 Ixion Tankette Vehicle Icon.png
Tankette T20 “Ixion” Tankette 60 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
R-15 - Chariot Vehicle Icon.png
Transport Bus R-15 - "Chariot" 100 Basic Materials.png Colonial.png
Dunne Caravaner 2f Vehicle Icon.png
Transport Bus Dunne Caravaner 2f 100 Basic Materials.png Warden.png
R-5b Sisyphus Hauler Vehicle Icon.png
Truck R-5b "Sisyphus" Hauler 100 Basic Materials.png Colonial.png
R-5 "Atlas" Hauler Vehicle Icon.png
Truck R-5 "Atlas" Hauler 120 Basic Materials.png Colonial.png
Dunne Transport Vehicle Icon.png
Truck Dunne Transport 100 Basic Materials.png Warden.png
Dunne Landrunner 12c Vehicle Icon.png
Truck Dunne Landrunner 12c 120 Basic Materials.png Warden.png
R-9 Speartip Escort Vehicle Icon.png
Truck R-9 "Speartip" Escort 145 Basic Materials.png Colonial.png
Dunne Leatherback 2a Vehicle Icon.png
Truck Dunne Leatherback 2a 145 Basic Materials.png Warden.png
Dunne Loadlugger 3c Vehicle Icon.png
Truck Dunne Loadlugger 3c 120 Basic Materials.png Warden.png
R-1 Hauler Vehicle Icon.png
Truck R-1 Hauler 100 Basic Materials.png Colonial.png