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Originally designed in response to increasing swarms of Mesean armour, the Outlaw is an exceptionally capable medium tank armed with a long-range 40mm turret and includes a built-in storm rifle support position.
In-game description

The Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II is a Warden Cruiser Tank with a 40mm cannon and a 7.92mm hull gun. It possess a boost capability (hold Shift).



The Gallagher Outlaw's crew is composed of a driver, a main gunner, a hull gunner, and a commander.

  • The driver drives the tank and is the only one who can see the amount of fuel remaining.
  • The main gunner aims, shoots, and reload the 40mm cannon. The only crew member who can see the ammo type loaded.
  • The hull gunner aims, shoots, and reload the 7.92mm machine gun.
  • The commander can use Binoculars to scan the battlefield and use a secondary weapon. They can pop in and out of the tank hatch by pressing E. While inside the tank, the commander cannot be killed by small arms fire or explosives.

Although it is possible to use the tank without a commander, it's not recommended as it will limit your awareness on the battlefield.


It only has two slots which are required to store the 40mm shells and 7.92mm magazines its guns uses (the ammo stacks up to 100 per slot).


It comes equipped with a 40mm Long Barrel Cannon on the tank's turret. The cannon has a maximum range of 45m, outranging most tank cannons by 5m. The 40mm shell doesn't have a lot of penetration power so the crew is incentivized to flank and hit the enemy's side to increase the armor penetration chance while still making use of the cannon's longer range.

The tank also has a 7.92mm hull machine gun with a limited firing arc. The driver may need to rotate the tank to help the hull gunner shoot the enemy infantry on its flanks. It is the exact same machine gun that the Armored Cars use: 50 round magazine, 4.5s reload, 41m maximum range, good accuracy but heavy recoil.

When the hatch is open, the commander can use their secondary weapon to defend the vehicle if necessary.

Health & Armor[]

The Gallagher Outlaw is a mediocre medium tank but still has more health and armor than Light Tanks. They are able to soak up small arms fire, shrapnel, and 12.7mm caliber. Anything else should be considered a threat you can't ignore. The armor is thick enough to have a decent chance to deflect shells that are not Armour Piercing, especially from the front and at long ranges as long as the armor is in good shape. AP shells have a much higher chance to penetrate, which becomes a near certainty at any range or angle when the armor is in bad shape.

The tracks can be disabled by explosives and Anti-Tank Mines, making the vehicle much slower and thus vulnerable.

Engine & Size[]

Its top speed is lower than that of Light Tanks and Assault Tanks. However its fuel consumption rate is one of the lowest for tanks. Cmbined with a 200L fuel tank, the Outlaw has a good fuel autonomy. The Fuel Tank is placed at the rear and can be disabled with explosives, making it leak fuel very rapidly.

It also possesses a boost, used by pressing Shift, that makes the Outlaw faster than most tanks at the cost of a dramatic increase in fuel consumption. It should only be used for tactical maneuvers and not during transportation. When boosting on road the tank is as fast as an Armored Car and as fast as a LUV when boosting off-road.

The Cruiser Tank can be packaged, forming a large Shippable that can be lifted by a Crane but only transported by a Freighter or Barge.

It is heavy enough to trigger anti-tank mines and too heavy to safely cross Field Bridges. It is large and powerful enough to cross Trenches with ease, run over Sandbags, tier 1 walls, and Barbed Wire Fences.


The Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II is designed to move fast and avoid enemy fire, with a long range to be able to flank enemy tanks and get into its own range before they do. It is recommended to use the boost functionality while trying to get close to other vehicles to attack them.

Historical Reference[]

The appearance of this tank may be inspired by the British Cruiser, Mark VI Crusader Tank of World War 2.