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This unique rifle fires three rounds in rapid succession. The Fuscina is the first of its kind, designed for laying down suppressive fire during assaults on fortified enemy entrenchments.
In-game description

The Fuscina pi.I is a Colonial 3-round burst Rifle.


The Fuscina is limited to 3-round burst fire. Its maximum accuracy and range are less than that of other rifles but the 3-round burst gives it a high rate of fire, making it suited for suppressing defensive structures and trench combat. It is also capable of killing in one burst if all three shots land. This comes at the expense of ammo capacity - it possesses a 18 round magazine that is emptied in just 6 presses of the trigger, making the gun very ammo hungry. It is noticeably heavier than other rifle class weapons at 18.2% encumbrance, but sports best in class damage output and volume of fire.

The Soldier Uniform reduces the Encumbrance of this weapon by 25%.


The Fuscina is very good for suppressing defenses if you have a stable enough position to land most of your shots. A single soldier can suppress a Tier 2 Rifle Garrison with just a few mags in an ideal scenario.

Because of its high fire rate and reduced accuracy, this gun should not be used as a main battle rifle. Its reduced range make Fuscina users vulnerable to conventional rifle armed soldiers in open terrain. The Fuscina pi.I is best used to assault trenches, suppress structures and prepare ambushes from a position where the player will have stability hit targets with ease.

At night the Fuscina has the upper hand, as the limited view distance allows players to close in on the target to increase their accuracy and avoid being engaged from outside the Fuscina's range. However, the gun will struggle against SMGs in short range engagements, especially if it doesn't have its full accuracy or if the first burst misses.

It benefits from good cover not only because it requires a stable shooting position to be used effectively but also because it needs a safe spot for frequent reloads.

Historical Reference[]

The Fuscina pi.I bears a resemblance to the FN FAL and H&K G3 series of rifles.

In Latin, a “Fuscina” is a three pronged trident.