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This unique rifle fires three rounds in rapid succession. The Fuscina is the first of its kind, designed for laying down suppressive fire during assaults on fortified enemy entrenchments.
In-game description

The Fuscina pi.I is a colonial 3-round burst Rifle.


This gun is a 3-round burst rifle only. Its maximum accuracy and range is less than that of other rifles, but the burst fire gives it a high rate of fire, making it suited for supressing defensive strucutres and trench combat. It's also capable of killing in one burst if all three shots land. It possesses a 15 round magazine that is emptied in just 5 presses of the trigger before requiring to reload, making the gun pretty ammo hungry. Like other rifles, it loses its accuracy quickly if the player tries to turn too fast without cover to stabilize the gun. Considering that guns in Foxhole destabilize when the player is moving, its best to stop moving before shooting and, if possible, find cover to stabilize the gun. Laying in the gound also provides quicker stability gain. The only way to move without losing too much accuracy with rifles is to crouch walk while aiming and not move. The gun is especially suited for suppressing defenses and close quarters engagements, as it can easily kill with one click, especially inside trenches, where players don't have much room or cover to avoid the shoots.

The Soldier Uniform reduces the Encumbrance of this weapon from 20% to 15%.


The Fuscina is very good for suppressing defenses if you have a stable enough position to land most of your shots. A single soldier can suppress a Tier 2 Rifle Garrison with just a few mags in an ideal scenario.

Because of it's high fire rate and reduced accuracy this guns should be used not as the main battle rifle and it isn't. Alone, special guns such as this one, the light machinegun and others won't hold their own against standard rifles and submachineguns. Reason being the Fuscina pi.I should be used to assault trenches, supress structures and prepare ambushes, from a position which the player will have stability hit targets with ease.

At night, guns with smaller range and higher fire rate have the upper hand, as it allows players to close in on the target to increase their accuracy. Furthermore, gun will struggle against SMGs in short range engagements, especially if it doesn't have its full accuracy or if the first burst misses.

It benefits a lot from good cover for a few reasons: it needs a safe spot for frequent reloads, a stable firing position allows the player to lay down effective fire and cover can be used to take quick peeks to fire single accurate bursts.

Historical Reference[]

The Fuscina pi.I bears a resemblance to the FN FAL and H&K G3 series of rifles.