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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.


The Fuel Tanker is a vehicle intended to transport large amounts of Diesel or Petrol, which it can use to refuel other vehicles, resource mines, Rockets, or just to transport more than what a regular truck would be able to.

It has two inventory slots each capable of holding up to 100 cans of a single type of fuel, meaning you can carry both Diesel and Petrol at the same time.

Refueling with a Fuel Tanker[]

To refuel something with the tanker, you need to access the inventory of whatever you wish to refuel and press the "Refuel Diesel" IconAddDiesel.png or "Refuel Petrol" IconAddPetrol.png button at the bottom right of the UI. If a fuel tanker is close enough a hose will then automatically connect to the tanker until the refueling is completed. You can cancel this process in the same way by pressing the "Stop refuel" IconStopFueling.png button appropriate for the fuel you are using.

If a vehicle needs just 10L and refueling with a tanker removes a whole can from the inventory don't worry. The remaining 90L of the can are remembered by the tanker and will be used for the next refuel, no fuel is wasted.

Fuel Tanker List[]

Icon Class Name Description Armament Cost Fuel Capacity & Usage Rate Crew Inventory Slots Faction
Dunne Fuelrunner 2d Vehicle Icon.png
Fuel Tanker Dunne Fuelrunner 2d A specialised truck that can carry large amounts of refined fuel. None 100 Basic Materials.png 100L
6L / min
1 2

RR-3 Stolon Tanker Vehicle Icon.png
Fuel Tanker RR-3 "Stolon" Tanker A specialised truck that can carry large amounts of fuel. None 100 Basic Materials.png 100L
6L / min
1 2

Loading the fuel tanker[]

Loading a fuel tanker with 200 Diesel or Petrol can be done by retrieving the fuel cans from the Refinery's public stockpile while in the truck's driver seat. However this process takes some time.

The fastest way to fill the massive inventory of the Fuel Tanker is to refine the appropriate fuel type privately so as to transfer all fuel cans from your private queue into the tanker in one click.

If you have to retrieve fuel from the refinery's public stockpile, the quickest way is to package your fuel tanker, deposit it with a crane on the refinery's loading area and load it from here.


  • Only has a single passenger slot and two inventory slots for fuel, but is otherwise functionally identical to Transport Trucks.
  • Does not have to be unlocked to be used by you for refueling.
  • Fuel tankers can be refueled by other fuel tankers.
  • Fuel tankers can be used to refuel ships such as Barges and Freighters.


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