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A Frontier Border is a special border mechanic designed to prevent the frontline from being stuck at a region border and help with player queues during high population situations.

The frontier border is visually represented on the map by a red line at the border between two regions.

The frontier border triggers the spawning of Border Bases along the border near each road.

Map Intelligence is not available within 100m of the Frontier Borders, even if Watch Towers are built. Friendly structures in that area won't send an alert when attacked by the enemy.


A border between two regions becomes a Frontier Border when the following requirements are met:

  • Regions A and B are adjacent.
  • Colonial faction controls no Region Zone in Region A (i.e. controls no Town Base or Relic Base; other World Bases like Safe Houses and Keeps do not count)
  • Warden faction controls at least one Region Zone in Region A.
  • Warden faction controls no Region Zone in Region B.
  • Colonial faction controls at least one Region Zone in Region B.

The border stops being a frontier border once a faction captures a Town Base or Relic Base in the enemy's region.

To avoid abuse of that mechanic, frontier borders cannot be prevented indefinitely by deliberately ignoring a faction's last main spawn point. After a while, the frontier border will trigger automatically despite one last spawn point being present.