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A special Forward Base that can only be build near a region border that's adjacent to friendly territory. This structure decays quickly.
In-game description

The Frontier Base is a player-created structure that can function as a spawn point if stocked with S. Supplies. Its inventory cannot be accessed by enemies, unlike the Storage Box.

A Frontier base is built with a hammer and 50 Basic Materials. It can only be built in a region with no friendly static base and within close proximity of the region border. Once built it allows the construction of defenses in a 40m range, bypassing the no-build interdiction close to the border. However those defenses will still suffer the fast decay linked with border zone.


Image Name Description
"BASE" Tree
IconUpgradesProvisionalGarrison.png Provisional Garrison Connects the base to nearby defensive structures (40m radius). Defensive structures will deactivate if player activity is too low.