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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

The Basset Motor Society's Ironship-class shipping vessel is used to freight shippable goods and heavy vehicles.
In-game description

A large Vehicle built at a Shipyard, intended to transport Shippables.


The Freighter ("BMS - Ironship") is a large ship built at a Shipyard designed to transport large quantities of supplies. It possess 10 inventory slots and a cargo hold capable of holding up to 5 Shippables (Shipping Containers, Resource Containers, Shippable Crates, packaged vehicles, packaged Emplacements, Pallets). When the cargo hold is open (press F to toggle from driver seat) a Crane or Stationary Crane is required to load and unload it. It is a preferable option to use when large amounts of crates or materials need to be transported over large distances, as a single Container can carry much more than a regular truck would. Freighters are pretty resistant but have no means of defending themselves. You can open drawbridges from the driver seat by pressing E. Freighters can be stored inside a Seaport. The driver can use the ship's horn with LMB. The ship cannot move when the cargo hold is open.

Any vehicle that can be packaged will fit in the cargo hold, unlike the Flatbed Truck's back.

When the cargo hold is open you do not see all loaded shippables inside the ship model but only the one that was put in first. This means the shippable visible is the one that will be unloaded next. The list of all shippables loaded is shown in the Freighter's menu.

It is very resistant, especially against small arms. It is best destroyed with anti-tank weaponry.


  • Use Horn: LMB
  • Open/Close Drawbridge (when next to it): E
  • Open/Close the cargo hold: F

How to use the Cargo Hold[]

The ship itself has an inventory that can hold some items, but its true strength comes with the large amount of shippables it can carry. Loading and unloading the cargo is done much more easily at a Seaport because it has Stationary Cranes and can store all shippables.

  1. Acquire a Freighter or build one at a Shipyard
  2. Get in the driver seat and close the cargo hold with F if it's opened.
  3. Sail to the loading/unloading area (Seaport preferably)
  4. Park the freighter close to the cranes so they can reach the cargo hold
  5. Open the cargo hold with F.
  6. Exit the Freighter and get in the crane.
  7. Aim the arm of the crane on top of the cargo hold until you see a cog symbol and press LMB to load/unload a Shippable.
  8. Get back in the freighter, close the cargo hold and sail away!

When the cargo hold contains multiple shippables, the one that was placed first is picked up. So if you load the wrong shippable you'll have to empty the entire cargo to remove it.

There are two main uses for freighters:

  • Long Distance Seaport to Seaport deliveries (cargo full of Shipping Containers and Shippable Crates).
  • Bringing gathered resources from Resource Fields to Seaports (cargo full of Resource Containers that are then transported to a Refinery by Flatbed)


Freighters can be built at a Shipyard with Basic Materials and a Hammer. Shippable crates containing 3 Freighters can be produced at a Mass Production Factory; the crate must be stored in a Seaport before it can be opened (right click freighter icon > "unpack").


  • As of Update 0.46, the Freighter no longer has to be researched to be constructed.
  • As of Update 0.30, the Freighter now has a passenger seat.
  • The Freighter makes a deep booming sound if the players presses LMB.
  • Freighters can be used to transport Battle Tanks.
  • When the Freighter is disabled, the sound of an engine grinding to a halt will occur.
  • Due to their size, Freighters are often used to block Bridges.
  • Freighters are susceptible to AT Rifles and Sticky Bombs.
  • Freighters can often be mistaken for Landing Ships.
  • Freighter's full name is "BMS - Ironship".
  • If a Freighter is disabled or out of fuel it will still move, but at a tenth of its normal speed.


<gallery heights="250px" mode="packed"> File:ScreenshotFreighter.png File:Freighter ScreenshotTankLoaded.png|Freighter loaded with a packaged Battle Tank File:Freighter ScreenshotContainerLoaded.png|Freighter loaded by a Crane with packaged Containers File:Freighter Crane Cog Symbol.png|Cog symbol appears when crane arm aims at open cargo hold. File:Freigther stern near dock.png

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