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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.45) of the game.

The Basset Motor Society's Ironship-class shipping vessel is used to freight shippable goods and heavy vehicles.
In-game description

The Freighter is a large Vehicle built at the Shipyard, intended to transport Shipping Containers and packed-up Vehicles. To do this, a Crane must load and unload the Freighter manually as unlike the Barge, the Freighter doesn't have a ramp. It is a preferable option to use when large amounts of crates or materials need to be transported over large distances, as a single Container can carry much more than a regular truck would. Freighters have no means of defending themselves and rely heavily on other ships such as Gunboats to protect them. You can open drawbridges from the driver seat by pressing E. Freighters can be stored inside a Seaport.


The ship itself has has a inventory that can hold some items, but its true strength comes with the large amount of shippables it can carry. A Crane is required to load and unload the cargo and can carry up to 5 loads (any combination of Shipping Containers, Resource Containers or packaged Vehicles). The freighter's cargo hold must be opened (default key F) for cranes to load and unload cargo. The Freighter can transport any vehicle provided it fits inside the cargo hold.


  • As of Update 0.30, the Freighter now has a passenger seat.
  • The Freighter makes a deep booming sound if the players presses LMB.
  • Freighters can be used to transport Battle Tanks.
  • When a player disembarks from a Freighter, they will exit over the port bow (left side) of the ship.
  • When the Freighter is disabled, the sound of an engine grinding to a halt will occur.
  • Due to their size, Freighters are often used to block Bridges.
  • Freighters are susceptible to AT Rifles and Sticky Bombs.
  • Freighters can often be mistaken for Landing Ships.
  • Freighter's full name is "BMS - Ironship".


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