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Can we get a wiki page about time cycles? One in-game minute is 3 seconds, putting one 24-hour cycle at 72 minutes.

Crackies9 (talk) 22:05, 4 August 2017 (UTC)

Of course, it is part of General Gameplay. You can write the page yourself if you want. Let me know if you need any help. The1024 (talk) 22:22, 4 August 2017 (UTC)

Renaming "Static Base" to "World Base"[]

With the goal of making the Foxhole wiki content easier to parse and understand, I would like to propose renaming the Static Base page to "World Base" so that it matches the language used in-game (e.g. when you go to a Town Hall and hover your mouse over the top right question mark icon). Because this change might require updates in multiple places, I would like to discuss it first. Would there be any drawbacks to implementing this change? Thanks.