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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

A temporary forward operating base. Players can spawn from here.
In-game description

The Forward Base (Forward Operating Base, abbreviated FOB) is a type of Base that can be built by players wherever they want with a Construction Vehicle. They can also be upgraded. Stockpile and Respawning is available at a FOB like every other base.


A FOB is significantly weaker than a Town Base in terms of health and base connection range compared to its static counterpart. Due to its ability to be built anywhere on the map, it is used as a forward staging point for offensive operations as well as defensively through the use of defensive structures.

FOBs comes in three tiers (Encampment, Field Base, Outpost), each tier has more health than the previous.

Defensive structures placed within a radius of 80m around the FOB have their AI activated and will engage enemies if the Small Garrison IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png or Large Garrison IconUpgradesLargeGarrison.png upgrade is installed in the FOB (or even just the Provisional Garrison IconUpgradesProvisionalGarrison.png upgrade if 10 players set spawn, ie, player activity is high at the FOB).

The FOB's orientation should be considered to ensure infantry access on one side while Trucks can drive to it without running over players.

All soldiers in the same faction can see their respective FOB locations and level of upgrade on the map.

Forward Base Tiers[]

FOBs comes in three tiers. You require a Construction Vehicle and some Basic Materials to upgrade a FOB.

The Small Garrison IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png upgrade is required to upgrade a FOB to tier 2 and the Large Garrison IconUpgradesLargeGarrison.png upgrade for tier 3.

Encampment (Tier 1) MapIcon Encampment.png[]

The initial form of a Forward Base. Encampments are very weak and can be destroyed by moderate heavy machine gun fire or heavy explosives, but provide all strategical advantages of a FOB.

Field Base (Tier 2) MapIcon Field Base.png[]

The Field Base has greatly increased durability and prevents decay if stocked with garrison supplies. It is immune to heavy machine gun fire. Upgrading to Tier 2 costs 100 Basic Materials and requires the Small Garrison IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png upgrade. The Field Base is similar in appearance to a Quonset Hut.

Outpost (Tier 3) MapIconsOutpost.png[]

The final form of a Forward Base. It is heavily fortified. It takes a large number of heavy explosives like R.P.G.s, Satchel Charges, or sustained tank fire to destroy it. Upgrading to Tier 3 costs 100 Basic Materials and requires the Large Garrison IconUpgradesLargeGarrison.png upgrade.

Forward Base Upgrades[]

Base Upgrades are additional functionalities that the base can unlock. They are slowly and automatically unlocked over time. Upgrades progress faster the more people assign their spawn to that base. A particular upgrade can be sped up by voting for it in the menu of the Base if you've assigned your spawn there. Progression is also sped up by things like supplying the base and building structures.

Image Name Description
"BASE" Tree
IconUpgradesProvisionalGarrison.png Provisional Garrison Connects the base to nearby defensive structures (80m radius). Defensive structures will deactivate if player activity is too low.
IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png Small Garrison Permanently connects the base to nearby defensive structures (80m radius).

Prevents nearby structure decay by consuming Garrison Supplies from the stockpile. Rate of consumption is 2 per hour per structure. Required to upgrade Base to Tier 2.

IconUpgradesLargeGarrison.png Large Garrison Prevents nearby structure decay by consuming Garrison Supplies from the stockpile. Rate of consumption is 1 per hour per structure. Required to upgrade Base to Tier 3.


FOB Husk

Forward Bases when destroyed leave behind a "husk" to rebuild them (with a Construction Vehicle). Like every other base types if the faction which previously owned the base rebuilds it then it regains all the Stockpile and every Base Upgrades that was unlocked. But if the enemy faction captures it by rebuilding it then the base keeps 25% of its stock (none of the Soldier Supplies) and loses all its upgrades.

The husk itself has twice the health of the base, it can be destroyed permanently to prevent the enemy faction from rebuilding the FOB.