Foxhole Wiki

The Fort is a static world structure that requires a Construction Vehicle and a Tech Upgrade to build. Stockpile and Respawning is available at a Fort similar to how Static Bases operate. Forts have two Upgrades one activates defenses with AI defenders and the other gives it 120 meters Map Intelligence coverage. Mainly situated on region borders and coastlines, Forts are essentially a cheap FOB for defending or attacking forces.

Takveover loss[]

When a Fort is rebuilt by the enemy team like any other structures the Upgrades get reverted and the Stockpiles left-overs get halfed. Due to repair costs being based on structure costs the fort with its massive armor rating and extremly low cost is extremly easy to keep repaired even if hit by massive artillery strikes should anyone who is fixing the Fort be able to survive the enemy Artillery.

Since Forts are clearly marked on the map there is no element of suprise to them you can see all enemy owned forts even without any Intelligence coverage.