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A heavy-duty Battle Tank with thick armour plating and destructive firepower. It is fitted with a 75mm turret and a front-facing 12.7mm anti-infantry machine gun. The heavy armour limits top speed, but in exchange it can take a lot of punishment.
In-game description

The Flood Mk-1 is the main Warden Battle Tank, with a 75mm main cannon and a 12.7mm Machine Gun.


The Flood Mk-1 has a forward facing 12.7mm Machine Gun for engaging infantry, and a 75mm main cannon for engaging other tanks. The cannon has a range of 40 meters.


When Cormac Flood designed this, the Warden’s newest armour, they knew it needed to compete with what was, at the time, a far more versatile Colonial assault division. During the burnout of the Great Wars, Flood tore apart an abandoned Colonial Lance. With new knowledge gained, he applied his skill as craftsman and engineer to design a vehicle that was more efficacious and could out-maneuver or out-gun anything the Colonials could throw at it.


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