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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A heavy duty shipping transport truck designed by Basset Motor Society. It's built for hauling the heaviest of equipment over long distances with ease.
In-game description

The Flatbed Truck is a vehicle intended to transport Shippables, including certain packaged Vehicles. The Flatbed Truck is a preferable option to use over regular Trucks when large amounts of crates or materials need to be transported over large distances, as a single Container can carry much more than a regular truck would.


The Flatbed Truck is a very large vehicle with a bay at the rear. Shippables, like Containers, Packaged Vehicles, Shippable Crates, and Emplacements, can be loaded onto this bay. To do this, a Crane must load and unload the truck manually as unlike the Barge, the Flatbed Truck doesn't have a ramp.

Like the other Logistics vehicles the Flatbed Truck moves slower when loaded. Loading anything onto the bay sets the Flatbed Truck's encumbrance to 66% regardless of what it is.

Despite costing more Basic Materials to repair and requiring Refined Materials to build, the Flatbed Truck takes damage easily from enemy fire. A single rifle bullet at close range costs it 3% Health.

The Flatbed moves slower than regular Trucks on roads but doesn't lose speed on rough terrain, making it actually faster than regular trucks there.

It has a sweet reverse noise.


  • Instead of a container, it can carry 6 players in the back, but they have to hop in the back on higher elevation.
  • If a Flatbed Truck is carrying a load in the back and the Flatbed gets destroyed, the load simply drops to the ground unharmed
  • Flatbed Trucks cannot be packaged.
  • Known vehicles it can carry:


The Flatbed's full name is "BMS Packmule Flatbed".


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