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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

Used by medics to heal others soldiers.
In-game description

It is held in the tertiary slot, and consumes Bandages from your inventory.


  1. Equip the First Aid Kit
  2. Press and hold LMB to heal a soldier

Healing time varies depending on the severity of the patient's wounds, around 2-6 seconds.


Bandages are consumed by First Aid Kit's as charges, each Bandage adds 10 charges, and each charge allows the First Aid Kit to heal roughly 10% of a soldier's health and stop any bleeding.

After all charges are depleted, upon the next attempt to heal a soldier, another Bandage will be automatically consumed to replenish the kit's charges.


First Aid Kits are obtained via production in a Factory.


  • Refer to this medic guide for more information.
  • Although bandages are easy to produce, a battlefield with active medics carrying first aid kits can rapidly deplete local bases of bandages as they are constantly needed for tending wounds. Medics are encouraged to carry only 5 bandages at all times and to rely on leftover battlefield equipment in order to reduce overall bandage consumption rate. One should only take bandages from a base fully aware that the battlefield has none leftover.
  • As a medic, always carry a first aid kit. Without one, you are useless.


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