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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A makeshift bridge for transporting light equipment over a short distance. Will take damage when vehicles drive across.
In-game description

A Field Bridge is a player built Structure that helps infantry and land Vehicles cross terrain obstacles (rivers, valleys, cliffs, destroyed bridges, etc...). Structures cannot be built on it. It takes damage when crossed by most vehicles.


A Field Bridge is built with 5 Metal Beam. Equip a Metal Beam and press B to open the construction menu and select the Field Bridge option. Rotate the blueprint with RMB + mouse drag, press LMB to place the first end of the bridge and press again to place the other end. Press LMB on the blueprint to submit the metal beam you carry, then bring 4 more and submit them to finish the construction.

Up to 3 bridge pieces can be linked together. To join two simply move your blueprint over one of the ends of another field bridge to auto-snap it. You can disable the auto-snap functionality by holding Shift when placing your blueprint. The new piece can be angled a little bit but no more than 10 degrees different from the previous piece.

The length of one field bridge is between 4 and 25 meters. A three-piece field bridge can reach up to 75 meters.

A field bridge can be built over land, over water, or over a destroyed large bridge. Its two ends can only be placed on regular terrain, destroyed bridges, or beaches. They can't be placed on rocks, non-destroyed bridges, or any kind of docks.

The field bridge also cannot cross roads.

Two field bridges that are not joined together cannot be placed close together, preventing players from building a 150m bridge with two 3-piece bridge on each bank of a river touching each other.

A field bridge always ends with a downward ramp.

It can be repaired with a Hammer and some Basic Material.

Vehicle Crossing Damage[]

Field Bridges take damage when most vehicles try to cross them. Damage dealt by vehicles crossing is applied every 2-3 seconds and vary depending on the vehicle type.

Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Field Guns can cross them without damaging it.

Trucks, Armored Cars, Tankettes, Flatbed Trucks, Light Utility Vehicles will do a little bit of damage to the field bridges when crossing.

Harvesters will do a lot more.

Cranes, Construction Vehicles, Landing APCs, Half-Tracks, Scout Tanks, and every other Tanks do massive amounts of damage to the bridges, making those vehicles unable to cross field bridges safely or at all.

Any ship or amphibious vehicle in water can instantly destroy a field bridge by touching it.


Field Bridges can be used to cross rivers and valleys to flank the enemy or create a new resupply route for land vehicles. They can also be used to create small shortcuts for infantry (even far from the frontline) like climbing a small cliff instead of having to go around it.

Tripods and Emplacements cannot be placed on them.


  • For field bridges over water a soldier who falls in the water can only climb back up if the bridge has an end ramp that dips in the water, the rest of the bridge is too far above the water level (you can swim under the bridge).