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Fiddler Submachine Gun Model 868
Warden Warden.png
Submachine Gun
Damage Type:
Light Kinetic
Fire Rate:
4 rounds/s
23m effective, 38m max
Magazine size:
Reload Time:
3 seconds
9mm SMG
120 Basic Materials.png
Amount produced (Units per crate):
Production Time:
The Fiddler Submachine gun is a widely used urban combat weapon. Its high rate of fire and compact frame make it ideal for close-quarters engagements.
In-game description

The Fiddler is a warden Submachine Gun that excels at close quarters combat due to its light weight, high fire rate and large magazine.


The SMG has a high fire rate, a large magazine, a good reload speed, and enough damage to kill in 3 or 4 shots. At 14% encumbrance it's one of the lightest primary weapon in the game. Its accuracy is relatively mediocre however.

The gun's accuracy suffers less from sudden mouse movement and turning than other guns.

The key feature of the gun is its ability to retain its accuracy while you walk without aiming, as long as you move in a relative straight line. You can even do short sprints without losing too much accuracy.


The gun excels in close quarter combat (high rate of fire, magazine size, decent damage) and has the means to close in on its target quickly without sacrificing accuracy. The recommended use for the gun is clear: stay lightweight to move fast and close the distance with your target before firing. You can even close in on your target while shooting.

The gun is especially useful at night and in urban combat. It's also one of the best firearm for assaulting a trench.

It is also a great tool to suppress soldiers and defenses. For defenses, make sure to find a good position to stabilize your accuracy as your bullets need to hit to help suppress a defense.

When shooting continuously while standing and without cover, the gun will reach its lowest accuracy after only 8 bullets.

Although it still deals some damage past 23m, the bullets will struggle to connect due to the gun's low accuracy after firing a few bullets. If you are forced to engage targets beyond 20m you will absolutely need to use a stable position (crouched behind cover preferably) to retain your max accuracy. Past 29m no amount of stabilisation will help, the gun's maximum accuracy is just too mediocre to hit anything. One consequence of this is that you cannot fight against rifles at their prefered range (28m) no matter how good your position is.

The gun benefits greatly from the stability bonus given by cover, allowing it to fire an entire magazine without losing any accuracy and thus be effective at the higher end of the gun's range.

Historical Reference[]

The Fiddler SMG icon is unmistakably based on the German MP-40, but the in-game model seems more similar to the Yugoslavian M56.

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