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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

A pistol imported from Estrella in the east, the Ferro 879 is a common sight on many battlefields.
In-game description

The Ferro 879 Pistol is the default weapon for any fresh Colonial player spawn.


This secondary weapon has poor damage and low range but very fast accuracy recovery and decent max accuracy. This weapon is not available for production. Players will spawn with a Pistol and two 8mm clips. As a result, pistol ammo is plentiful compared to other weapon types.


The Ferro 879's rapid accuracy recovery makes it a better choice than a rifle for storming trenches if a Bayonet is unavailable. The gun kills in 3 shots in most cases and its max accuracy makes it rarely miss within its effective range (16m). The rapid accuracy recovery means you can walk without aiming and not lose accuracy. Even if you sprint and move around, the recovery is such that you'll be back to a decent accuracy within moments. All this means the gun is great for fast paced close quarter combat. It is still going to be outgunned by SMGs however.

Rifle users should probably switch to this pistol when fighting in close quarters, especially if using the slow firing No.2 Loughcaster.


Remember to reload the weapon each time you spawn, as it will always start out unloaded.

Historical Reference[]

The Ferro 879 Pistol icon appears to be based on the American Colt M1911.