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A resource used for producing heavy explosive weapons.
In-game description

Explosive Materials (aka "emats") are a material in Foxhole used to craft explosive weapons and ammunitions.


Explosive Materials are created in a Refinery by processing Salvage at a 10:1 ratio. The refining speed is much slower than for Basic Materials, it takes 5.5 minutes to refine 100 salvage into 10 explosive materials. Once refined the emats can be retrieved as is with left click or as crates using the right click context menu. A crate of explosive materials holds 20 units.


Up to 300 explosive materials crates can be stored in each stockpile at a Storage Depot or Seaport. Only materials crates retrieved directly from the refinery queue can be privately stored in a reserve stockpile.

Crating Materials[]

Like other Materials, a stack of explosive materials (20 for emats) can be transformed into crates of materials, and vice versa, via the right click context menu but only in the inventory of a Storage Depot, Seaport, or Shipping Container. Uncrating a crate of materials will make those materials unable to be stored in a reserve stockpile as retransforming them will make a "public" crate.

Due to the relatively small number of emats per crate, it is often more efficient to transport emats uncrated as stacks of 100 per slot, as long as you want to spend them on arrival and not store them in a reserve stockpile. A truck can carry 1500 uncrated emats while a shipping container can only carry 1200 (20x60) total due to the requirement of being crated in a shipping container.

Explosive materials cannot be spent while in crate form.

The weight of explosive materials cannot be reduced by wearing any special uniform.

Explosive Production[]

Explosive materials are the main material to craft explosive weapons and ammunitions, such as Frag Grenades, Sticky Bombs, anti-tank mines, and Mortar and R.P.G. shells. Only the heaviest of explosive ordnances are crafted with Heavy Explosive Materials instead, they are Alligator Charges, 150mm shells, 250mm shells, and 300mm shells. Every other explosive weapon or ammunition in the game is produced with explosive materials.


Due to its slow refining speed, it is important to always think ahead and refine salvage into emats before you need them as you simply cannot wait hours in front of the refinery for emats to finish refining.

If you want to privately store crates of explosive materials for later, always remember to retrieve the materials as crates using the right click context menu.

Explosive materials have no use on the front, never transport them there.