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Explosive Charge is a weapon class that encompasses all explosives that must be placed rather than thrown or launched.

Explosive Charge List[]

Icon Class Name Damage Damage Type Fire Rate Range Cost
Units produced per Crate
Encumbrance Faction
Land Mine.png
Explosive Charge Abisme AT-99 AT Explosive Damage Icon.png Slow Deployment Contact 100 Basic Materials.png
10 Explosive Materials.png
10 7

Hydra's Whisper Icon.png
Explosive Charge Hydra's Whisper 250 Demolition Damage Icon.png Fast Deployment Contact 100 Basic Materials.png
40 Explosive Materials.png
5 54 Colonial.png

Satchel Chrg.png
Explosive Charge Alligator Charge 1500 Demolition Damage Icon.png Slow Deployment 5-7m 100 Basic Materials.png
15 HeavyExplosiveMaterialIcon.png
5 36


All Explosive Charges are produced in a Factory, in the Utility Category unlike other explosive weapons.