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Engineers are the bones of the Mesean Republic. They are outfitted with a heavy bag and belts for easy access to tools and handheld materials.
Fabric Rucksack Description
Caoivish engineers are legendary in song and stature. They wear specialized uniforms, outfitted with belts and bags for easy access to tools and handheld materials.
Sapper Gear Description

The Engineer Uniform is a type of Uniform that reduces the amount of Encumbrance given by different refined Resources like Basic Materials or Refined Materials. This uniform gives 8 inventory slots, and gives no Weather protection. It costs 100 Basic Materials.png per crate of 20 uniforms.

Visually, the Engineer Uniforms are extremely similar to the player models from before Update 0.46, when uniforms were added. They are the standard soldier uniform with the addition of a backpack to hold more materials.