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Emplacements are weapon systems which are constructed on a Construction Yard. As opposed to vehicles, Emplacements cannot be moved on their own and have to be shipped, and should not be confused with Field Guns (which are pushed).

All Emplacements get their health quadrupled in an emplacement trench as well as an increased rotation speed (2x).

They cannot be placed on Bridges. However they can be placed in the "no build" zones within 60m of a region border, but they will suffer from fast decay.

They suffer from natural decay, like structures.

You cannot package enemy emplacements. The only way to steal one is to pick it up with a crane while it's already packaged and to submit it to a Storage Depot or Seaport.

List of Emplacements[]


Like all shippables emplacements can be submitted into a Storage Depot or Seaport but they can only be submitted to the public stockpile, not private reserve ones. Shippable Crates of emplacements produced at a Mass Production Factory can be privately stored however.