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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A simple hole dug into the ground to provide infantry with makeshift cover from enemy fire.
In-game description

A defensive structure dug with a shovel ShovelIcon.png to protect a player from incoming fire.


The Foxhole is a small rectangular defensive hole quickly dug with a shovel that provides cover. It is immune to Small Arms damage, but can be filled in the same way trenches are. The hole is nearly as deep as a trench. It requires you to stand to be able to fire and can only be exited by vaulting (spacebar). It provides full cover bonus while firing standing. When crouched you are invisible to people not close the hole and not on higher ground. Up to 3 soldiers can fit in one foxhole. Like with trenches a foxhole protects you from the cold and slowly warms you up during a Snow Storm. All vehicles can safely drive over it.


A foxhole is dug with a shovel. It takes 19 shovel hits to dig (about 20 seconds) which is much faster than digging a Trench. It can only be dug in diggable areas, meaning that they cannot be used in cities, on beaches, or other areas that prevent digging.

How to build:

  • Equip your shovel
  • Press B to open building menu
  • Select "Foxhole"
  • Rotate the blueprint with RMB and place it with LMB on a valid location (press Escape to cancel building)
  • Hit it with your shovel by holding LMB until completion

Unlike trenches, foxholes can't be joined together or expanded.

Like trenches however, they can be filled in:

  • Equip your shovel
  • Press F to switch to "upgrade mode"
  • Press E on the foxhole
  • Select the Fill In TrenchFillInIcon.png icon
  • Hit the blueprint with your shovel by holding LMB until completion


It is great if you need quick cover on the front from artillery, especially compared to the time it takes to build a trench. It's also a good fire position that's as stable as the prone stance thanks to the cover bonus and make you a tricky target to shoot. It gives full cover no matter which direction you're facing. You can remain hidden to the enemy by staying crouched (but the enemy might creep up on you).

Your biggest threat when in a foxhole are grenades as they are fairly easy to lob into your hole, you have no room to dodge and are unlikely to get out in time.

Be careful where you place your foxholes because the enemy can use them against you.

When it comes to cover from enemy fire sandbags are usually a better option if they are available.

It can be used as an emergency shelter during a snow storm.

You cannot use a tripod mounted weapon while in a foxhole. You cannot place a tripod, sandbags, Tank Traps, barbed wire, emplacements or build anything right next to the hole.


  • You can get trapped in a foxhole if a vehicle parks over it.
  • Do not try to throw grenades while crouched in a foxhole.
  • Always dig your foxhole perpendicular to the direction of danger, so that if 2 soldiers gets in they can both shoot at the same time. It also makes landing grenades into your foxhole slightly harder.
  • It's possible to fire your secondary weapon while crouched in a foxhole if you fire while moving.


It replaced the Manned Foxhole that came before it. It is the second iteration of the Foxhole, and is the namesake of the game.