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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

A simple hole dug into the ground to provide infantry with makeshift cover from enemy fire.
In-game description

The Foxhole is a structure dug with a shovel ShovelIcon.png to protect a player from incoming fire.


The Foxhole takes 19 hits with a shovel to dig and is much faster to build than the Manned Foxhole that came before it. It is the second iteration of the Foxhole, and is the namesake of the game. They can only be dug in diggable areas, meaning that they cannot be used in cities or other areas that prevent digging. They are still immune to Small Arms damage, but can be filled in the same way trenches are, with the TrenchFillInIcon.png icon.


The Foxhole is great for if you need quick cover on the front from artillery, especially compared to the time it took to build previously. However, when it comes to quick cover from enemy fire Sandbags are likely your best bet if they are available due to their ease of setup. Another worry with Foxholes is Grenades, as they are fairly easy to lob a grenade into. If an enemy manages to drop a grenade into your Foxhole, you are likely to be unable to get out in time so be careful with placement. In addition, the enemy is able to use your Foxhole just as well as you are if they get to it, so build carefully.