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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

This amphibious Light Utility Vehicle has been heavily modified to cross rivers and lakes with ease. Venturing out into the open sea is ill-advised, however.
In-game description


The Drummond Loscann 55c is a Warden Light Utility Vehicle variant capable of amphibious movement.


The Loscann has 4 seats: 1 driver and 3 passengers. The vehicle is open-top making the crew vulnerable to thrown explosives and to small arms fire from the rear and from above. The passengers cannot use their secondary equipment (Binoculars or Secondary Weapons), making the vehicle and crew defenseless while on water.


It has 7 inventory slots which accepts any item and where small caliber magazines stacks.

Health & Armor[]

It is the LUV with the lowest health (on par with the UV-05a "Argonaut") and is unarmored. Its low disable point (55%) allows it to soak a tiny bit of small arms and shrapnel but far less than even an Armored Car. Heavy calibers, anti-tank Launchers and heavy explosives are a death sentence. A single Anti-Tank Sticky Bomb can disable the vehicle.

Like other LUVs, repairing the vehicle costs a lot of Basic Materials (120 to repair 100%), more than for a truck or Armored Car.


The vehicle is equipped with no armament and no crew members can use their secondary weapons while seating, making the vehicle vulnerable on ground and completely defenseless while on water.

Engine & Size[]

LUVs being the fastest off-road vehicle class, the Loscann is fast on road and can outrun off-road pretty much any other vehicle type (except a boosting Motorcycle). Combined with its low fuel consumption, the vehicle has great autonomy and range of action. It is highly maneuverable and agile. Unlike other LUVs though, the Loscann can drive on water. Care should be taken however, as when in the water the fuel consumption increases drastically, while the speed also decreases massively. For this reason it is recommended not to take the vehicle into the open sea, and either keep it near the shore or use it to cross rivers. It's small enough to pass under closed drawbridges.

The LUV can be packaged, forming a small Shippable that can be transported by Crane, Flatbed Truck, Freighter, or Barge. However due to its speed there's little reason to transport it that way.

It doesn't trigger anti-tank mines and can safely cross Field Bridges without damaging them too much. It is too small to cross Trenches. It can run over Sandbags and tier 1 walls but can't run over Barbed Wire Fences.


With 4 seats, the Loscann can be a good method of ferrying teammates across rivers. Combined with the medium sized inventory, it can also be used for resupplying cut-off positions across rivers or short stretches of sea.