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The wooden "Dropped Items" box on the ground.

When Players drop items on the ground, the game creates a temporary wooden box where the item is stored. If another item is dropped within 5m of that box the item is stored inside it, if it is further away a new box is created. Players can interact with it like with any other storage by pressing E. Every type of item stacks inside those boxes.

The mechanic was added to reduce lag from item clutter on the ground.

The box isn't solid and doesn't block movement, but it can prevent structure placement when building.


The box is temporary and automatically disappears after some time. The lifespan of the box depends on a few criterias:

  • If the box is empty or contains only starter kit equipment (Hammer, Ferro 879 pistol, Ahti Model 2 pistol, or 8mm mags) it will disappear after 30 seconds.
  • If the box contains any other type of item it will disappear after 10 minutes of existence if no player is within 5m of it. As long as there is at least one player next to it the box won't disappear but as soon as that changes the box disappears in less than 30 seconds (if the box is more than 10 minutes old).

The lifespan is not affected by:

  • items being added or removed from the box (unless this changes the criterias met above)
  • Quantity of items
  • Cost of items

Large Items[]

The only items to not use the dropped items box system are the Large Items. They have their own models when dropped on the ground and they last exactly 5 minutes if not picked up (except Critically Wounded Soldier which lasts 1 minute).

A dropped tripod on the ground.

Other Dropped Boxes[]

Vehicle/Structure Storage Box: When a vehicle or structure is destroyed, it drops its inventory on the ground in a box called "vehicle storage" or "structure storage". This box behaves exactly like a dropped items box.

A box dropped by a destroyed vehicle on the ground.

Dead player backpack: When a soldier dies they drop a backpack on the ground containing their items. The backpack also behaves exactly like a dropped items box.

A backpack dropped by a dead soldier on the ground.


  • Unlike soldiers, the "Dropped Items" boxes are always visible even in the dark or behind obstacles (like vehicles). This can reveal your position if you drop something on the ground while behind cover or at night.
  • If you want to despawn enemy supplies without them being found, you can drop them in a bush. Since the dropped items box doesn't get a colored outline when in a bush like soldiers it's very hard to see.