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Common fuel used to powerall vehicles and resource mines.
In-game description

Diesel is one of the two fuel types in Foxhole, alongside Petrol. It is the more common form, and can be obtained at any point throughout a war. Each can of diesel has 100L. It cannot be stacked, except when put into a Fuel Tanker where it can be stacked up to 100 in each slot and used to fuel other vehicles. It can also be equipped to fuel vehicles directly. A can's encumbrance depends on how much fuel is left in it.

Obtaining Diesel[]

Diesel is refined from Salvage at a 10:1 ratio, at the Refinery.

  • Assembling time of 1 Diesel manually without a Truck: 6 seconds; with a Truck: 1.45 seconds
  • Assembling time of 3 Diesels manually with a Truck: 4 seconds


Diesel's main use is fueling all vehicles that use fuel. It can also be used to refuel Resource Mines, Fire Pits, and Engine Rooms.

To manually fuel a vehicle or structure:

  1. For vehicles, if it is currently using Petrol, open the vehicle menu with E and click the Change Fuel button to siphon the Petrol and toggle the fuel type to Diesel.
  2. Equip the Diesel canister.
  3. Select the Diesel by pressing your 3 key.
  4. Hold down LMB (left mouse button) next to thing that requires fuel. You will stop the fueling process automatically, if either the vehicle/structure is full or when your diesel canister is used up completely.

Refuelling using a Fuel Tanker:

  1. Put Diesel canisters in the Fuel Tanker's inventory.
  2. Park the Fuel Tanker close to the vehicle/structure you want to refuel.
  3. Open the target vehicle/structure's menu with E and click the Refuel button IconAddDiesel.png in the bottom right.

Diesel Crates[]

Like other Materials Diesel canisters can be changed into crates of Diesel with the right click menu while in the inventory of a Storage Depot, Seaport, or Shipping Container. One crate contains only 1 canister so crates of diesel are not very useful.


Diesel was introduced in Update 0.26 with the rework of fueling mechanics. Before this, fuel was added and consumed from the inventory of the vehicles, and fuel could be acquired directly from mining at specific resource nodes.