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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.45) of the game.

A modified Devitt fitted with a specialized Caine mortar turret at the expense of top speed.
In-game description

The Devitt-Caine MK-IV MMR is a Warden Light Tank variant armed with a standard mortar.


The Devitt-Caine MK-IV MMR is a variant of the Devitt Mark III with a Mortar replacing the 40mm cannon. It has slightly less durability than other warden Light Tanks. The tank's mortar is identical to the infantry version except it is able to carry more shells than a player's backpack. The tank has inventory for 14 mortar shells of any type.

The tank has 3 slots for crew, one for the driver, gunner, and commander. The driver is the only crew member able to see the remaining fuel, while the gunner aims, loads, and fires the mortar. The commander is able to view the battlefield with Binoculars, telling the gunner where enemy structures or vehicles are to shoot at, while also reporting on where the shells land to ensure they hit their target.

Its turret is open top making the commander and gunner exposed to small arms fire and shrapnel.

Can be packaged and transported by a Freighter.


The crew should ALWAYS bring a Gas Mask and Filters to avoid dying to Gas Grenades.

The tank's ammunition is limited to 14 shells plus whatever each crewmember has in its inventory, so it's important to make each shell count.

The Devitt-Caine MK-IV MMR (often called mortar tank or MLT) is used in a similar way as the HH-d "Peltast" Half-Track. The vehicle's armor and durability should allow the mortar crew to fire deep into the enemy defenses by driving close to the front line.