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A limited time event that sees Wardens and Colonials joining forces to survive against an ever growing horde of Cursed Undead.
In-game Description

Dead Harvest is a Seasonal Event taking place around Halloween every year. The first Dead Harvest occurred in 2018, and took place on an early version of Tempest Island. During later versions, once the World Conquest system was more in place, the event took place on the same maps that the World Conquest was taking place in. Each Dead Harvest has iterated on the previous version, adding new content to use or changing how the event is played.


As of the 2020 Dead Harvest event, there were 3 types of zombies. The Cursed, Avartachs, and the Balor Spawn. Each type of zombie becomes significantly stronger during the night. The UndeadAttack1Icon.pngClaw attack can be activated with the M1 key, while the secondary attacks of the Avartach and Balor require the player to hold M2 before pressing M1 to initial the attack.


A promo image of the Cursed.

The vengeful soul of a long dead soldier. Twisted by the underworld, these undying Cursed have unnatural strength and are overwhelming in large numbers.

The cursed are the most common type of zombie you may encounter, and are created when a player either dies while carrying a Soulstone or activates that same stone on purpose. Around the same speed as a living soldier, they die quickly and need to be able to move into melee range before being able to do damage. During the night however, they gain health, speed, and damage, making them much more dangerous to fight against.


The Cursed have a single attack, the UndeadAttack1Icon.png Claw attack, which is a melee attack that killed enemy players in two hits during the day, with additional damage at night.


A promo image of the Avartachs.

The damned spirit of an unholy blood drinker. The Avartach is quick and can spit gobs of cursed ichor, draining the lifeforce of those unlucky enough to become submerged in the substance.

Avartachs are the second most common type of zombie, and are created when a player either dies while carrying a Deadly Soulstone or activates that stone on purpose. They are faster than living soldiers, and have more health all the time. Avatachs have the advantage of their secondary attack being ranged, meaning that they are able to fire back at enemies who attack them. During the night they gain a lot of health, and become even faster than they were, allowing quick repositioning to surprising directions.


The Avartach have two attacks, represented by the UndeadAttack2Icon.png icon. The first attack is shared with the Cursed, being a Claw attack. This melee attack acts the same as for the Cursed, with the exception of dealing far less damage. The second attack is the Ichor Spit attack, which allows players to spit cursed ichor at a target of their choosing. This attack has a long range, and when multiple players stack their attacks on the same Structure or Vehicle, are able to destroy them quickly. At night the Ichor Spit attack gains a large amount of damage, although the range does not increase.

Balor Spawn[]

A promo image of Balor Spawn.

The sinister brood of a great demon king. The Balor Spawn taints the very ground on which it walks. It conjures cursed obsidian spires to impale mortal flesh and feast upon their very souls.

Balor Spawn are the strongest of the zombies, and are created when a player either dies while carrying a Sinister Soulstone or activates that stone on purpose. They are much slower than living soldiers, but have a massive health pool. Many infantry need to team up to take down a single Balor Spawn, which is countered by them also being the most expensive type of zombie to create. During the night their speed increases a little, but their health and damage increase much more.


The Balor Spawn have two attacks, and get the UndeadAttack3Icon.png icon to show this. The first attack is the Claw attack, which is shared between all zombies. However, the Balor Spawn's claw attack has a longer range than the Cursed's, as well as doing much more damage. The second attack is the special one, in which the Balor Spawn jumps into the air before pounding the ground, causing a fan of obsidian spires to erupt out of the ground in front of them doing massive damage to anything in their way. A small group of Balor Spawn using this ability can quickly destroy Structures and Vehicles.


Dead Harvest brings with it two vehicles to help combat the Zombie horde, the "Centurion" MU-2 and the Herne QMW 1a Scourge Hunter.

Icon Class Name Description Armament Cost Fuel Capacity & Usage Rate Crew Inventory Slots Faction
Mechanized Utility Vehicle "Centurion" MU-2 With a 75mm cannon as its main armament, the Centurion is designed to destroy enemy vehicles and structures while killing undead with ease. 75mm Cannon
Two 12.7mm Heavy Machine Guns
? 5 Colonial.png

Herne QMW 1a Scourge Hunter Vehicle Icon.png
Mechanized Utility Vehicle Herne QMW 1a Scourge Hunter Designed to combat both Undead as well as supporting vehicles and structures. Quad RPG Launcher
12.7mm Quad-Barrel Heavy Machine Gun
? 4 Warden.png


A Font of Balor in the center of Blemish.

Dead Harvest also adds an additional structure to the game, the Font of Balor. This World Structure is where Soulstones, Deadly Soulstones, and Sinister Soulstones are created. These tend to be placed in the main logistics towns for each faction, and are marked on the map with MapIconSoulFactory.png


During Dead Harvest certain changes are implemented to different weapons and systems. This list contains those changes.

  • Shotguns deal an increased amount of damage to the Undead.