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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.46) of the game. It was last updated for 0.45.

A soldier that has been critically wounded on the battlefield. Deliver this soldier to a Hospital to recover Soldier Supplies.
In-game description

A Critically Wounded Soldier (sometimes abbreviated to CWS) is a type of dead player that can be submitted into a Field Hospital or Hospital in exchange for 4 Soldier Supplies after 10 minutes. When a player is downed and expires or is killed, they have a 5-10% chance to turn into a Critically Wounded Soldier which can be carried by other players. Critically Wounded soldiers can be distinguished from corpses as they are always lying on their side and are not covered in blood. To pick-up a Critically Wounded Soldier, simply press 'V' on the corpse and your character will pick them up. You can submit Critically Wounded Soldiers into an Ambulance or Field Hospital by pressing the 'Submit Large Item' button on the relevant vehicle or building interface. Once submitted to a Field Hospital/Hospital the Critically Wounded Soldier will appear in the building inventory.

CWS is a Large Item.


  • Enemy Critically Wounded Soldiers can be picked up and treated at a Hospital just like friendly ones.
  • While carrying a Critically Wounded Soldier, players can climb over obstacles like fences, sandbags or out from trenches.
  • Critically Wounded Soldiers can only be submitted to Ambulances, Field Hospitals or Hospitals.
  • Upon recovering, Critically Wounded Soldiers provide 6 Soldier Supplies.
  • Critically Wounded Soldiers take 10 minutes to fully recover.
  • If a player dies while carrying a Critically Wounded Soldier it will drop into their backpack.
  • Careful not to confuse Critically Wounded Soldiers and Wounded Players.
  • If the carrier tries to swim, the Critically Wounded Soldier is automatically dropped.
  • CWS disappear after 1 minute if not picked up.