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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

Construction Yards allow for Shipping Containers and Production Parts to be built, which can be packaged and moved around via a Crane. A Crane can then transfer the shipment to a Flatbed Truck or a Freighter for efficient long distance transport.
In-game description

The Construction Yard is a world structure used to create Shipping Container, Resource Container, and Concrete Mixer. You have to bring a Crane to lift the container off the yard.

Building Structures[]

To build structures, the player interacts with the building (by default pressing the E key). A build menu opens and the player can select which structure they want to build. A blueprint of the selected structure will spawn inside the Construction Yard. Players can then build the structure using their hammers. Like building defenses, players need to have the right materials in their inventories in order to build.

Image Name Cost Faction
Huber Exalt 150mm Structure Icon.png
Huber Exalt 150mm 175 Refined Materials.png Warden.png

50-500 Thunderbolt Cannon Structure Icon.png
50-500 “Thunderbolt” Cannon 195 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png

Huber Lariat 120mm Structure Icon.png
Huber Lariat 120mm 35 Refined Materials.png Warden.png

Anti Infantry Flak Gun Structure Icon.png
12.7mm Anti Infantry Flak Gun 75 Basic Materials.png

Anti-Tank Cannon Structure Icon.png
68mm Anti-Tank Cannon 150 Basic Materials.png

Barbed Wire Pallet Structure Icon.png
Barbed Wire Pallet 100 Basic Materials.png

Concrete Mixer 75 Refined Materials.png

Metal Beam Pallet Structure Icon.png
Metal Beam Pallet 100 Basic Materials.png

Resource Container 50 Basic Materials.png

Sandbags Pallet Structure Icon.png
Sandbag Pallet 100 Basic Materials.png

Shipping Container Structure Icon.png
Shipping Container 100 Basic Materials.png

Small Shipping Container Structure Icon.png
Small Shipping Container 100 Basic Materials.png