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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A specialized vehicle designed by the Basset Motor Society used in the construction of large structures.
In-game description

The Construction Vehicle (or CV)[1] is a logistics vehicle used to build/rebuild/upgrade certain large Structures.


It is a slow unarmored vehicle used to rebuild/upgrade most world structures and build/upgrade Gates, Forward Bases, and Bunker Bases. These structures cannot be built with regular Hammers. The Construction Vehicle builds faster than a hammer at a rate of 2 Basic Materials for 1 second.

The CV has a passenger seat but the vehicle and its crane arm are entirely operated by the driver. It has an inventory with 12 slots. It requires Diesel or Petrol to move but not to operate the construction arm. The construction materials (Basic Materials) must be in the CV inventory when you want to build.

The Construction Vehicle is very slow. When it is destroyed the items in the inventory will drop on the ground.

You cannot drive a CV created by the enemy faction, but you can access its inventory.

How to use the Construction Vehicle[]

  • Drive up to the desired location or structure.
  • Make sure all the requirements to upgrade are met, the required building materials are in the CV's inventory and the CV isn't blocking the site.
  • Aim the construction arm at the desired spot with RMB.
    • For rebuilding or upgrading existing structures press F to switch to "upgrad mode" then press E to make the blueprint appear.
    • For placing new structures press B to open build menu and place down the desired structure blueprint with LMB (RMB + drag to rotate it).
  • When the blueprint is down hold RMB to rotate the arm so that the drill is facing the building. Then hold LMB to start building
  • You can let go of RMB when you start building.

Building Options[]

The build menu of the Construction Vehicle

The build options with "Requires Tech" are structures that are normally built with a hammer but that can be built with a CV once the "Advanced Construction" tech is researched.

Rebuilding World Structures[]

The CV can rebuild the world structures listed below:

Component Mine  •  Construction Yard  •  Emplacement House  •  Engineering Center  •  Factory  •  Garage  •  Garrisoned House  •  Hospital  •  Keep  •  Mass Production Factory  •  Observation Tower  •  Oil Well  •  Refinery  •  Relic Base  •  Rocket  •  Rocket Launch Site  •  Safe House  •  Salvage Mine  •  Seaport  •  Stationary Crane  •  Storage Depot  •  Sulfur Mine  •  Town Base

It cannot rebuild bridges, coastal guns, and shipyards which require a hammer instead.

It cannot build new world structures, only rebuild the destroyed existing ones.

Upgrading Structures[]

The CV is used to upgrade all upgradable world structures (Garrisoned Houses, Safe Houses, Town Bases).

It can upgrade Gates.

It can also build Bunker Bases by upgrading a Bunker. And it can then upgrade those Bunker Bases.

Acquiring the Construction Vehicle[]

Unlike other vehicles, The Construction Vehicle is not built in a Garage. Instead, it is built near a World Base, Border Base, or deployed Landing Ship. Equip a Hammer, open the build menu (B key by default) and select the CV option, place the blueprint and start hitting it with the hammer and with Basic Materials in your inventory.

If the blueprint has been started, the CV can be finished even if the nearby Base gets destroyed.

You can also produce crates of CVs at the Mass Production Factory.


  • It is always advisable to be escorted by ground troops to your building location
  • Ask for infantrymen to stand guard while you build
  • Always leave CVs unlocked when you are done using them in a secured area so that others can use them
  • If you are fortifying a new base, and the proper research is completed, consider using multiple CVs to expedite the process instead of using hammers.
  • Construction Vehicles cannot be packaged.
  • Note that damaged CV can still continue building.
  • Multiple CVs can work on building the same structure.



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