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A portable device that mixes various materials to form Concrete, which are [sic] used to build heavily fortified structures.
In-game description

The Concrete Mixer is a Shippable structure that converts Components into Concrete Materials that can be used to build heavily fortified structures.

The mixer is built at a Construction Yard for 75 Refined Materials. It is expensive and not very resistant. Its only purpose is to produce Concrete Materials from Components at a 10:1 ratio. The produced Concrete Materials are public and can be retrieved by any player. The mixer has to be packaged to be moved by a Crane and can be delivered via Flatbed Truck, Freighter or the crane itself.

It takes 20 seconds to create one concrete material. It takes roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes to mix 5000 components.

The Mixer needs to be emptied entirely before it can be packaged and moved again.

Like every other structure, Concrete Mixers decay if they are not near a base with a Garrison Upgrade supplied with Garrison Supplies.

Raw Refined Raw amount transfered per left click Refinement Ratio Time to produce one Refined (seconds)
Components.png Components Concrete Materials Icon.png Concrete Materials 10 10:1 20