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A concrete compound that is used to build heavily fortified structures.
In-game description

Concrete Materials (aka "cmat") are an expensive building resource in Foxhole. They are used to build Concrete Structures, such as Tier 3 Trenches and Bunkers, as well as Storm Cannons and Intelligence Centers.


They can be obtained by refining Components at a 10:1 rate in a Concrete Mixer. It take 20 seconds to refine 1 Concrete Material. Inside the Concrete Mixer is the only place Concrete Materials will stack, and they cannot be crated.


Concrete Materials are the resource to upgrade structures to tier 3 if it exists. Only the Outpost (Tier 3 Forward Base) has a "concrete" look but costs Basic Materials to build.

Every structure built with cmat must dry for 24 hours after being built before it can be used. It is vulnerable while wet but is much stronger than non concrete structures afterwards. The vulnerability depends on how wet the concrete is, wet concrete that's just been placed takes 10 times more damage than dry concrete; effectively making it about as weak as tier 1.

Building with concrete materials is different from Basic Materials as the cmats don't stack. You will then spend less time holding left click to build as the material requirement per construction are usually lower with cmat, but you will spend a lot more time travelling back and forth between the concrete mixer holding your cmat and your construction site.

The weight of concrete materials can be reduced by 25% by wearing an Engineer Uniform. This allows a player to carry a Hammer and 7 cmat instead of 5, which can speed up construction projects.