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Components that can be salvaged into Refined Materials at a Refinery
In-game description

Components are raw materials that can be refined into Refined Materials at the Refinery.


Components can be obtained by mining Component nodes on a Component Field or by collecting them from a Component Mine.

Components can also be obtained from Rare Resource Nodes.

Mining Component Nodes[]

Components can be gathered manually with the Sledge Hammer, or in bulk with the Harvester. A Component fields starts with 30 nodes and 167 more in its reserve. Each node yields 154 components by default meaning one field contains about 30,000 components. Once fully depleted, the field replenishes after 4-6 hours. The state of the field can be viewed at the large central piece of the field, by interacting with it (default E) or by hovering your mouse over the field's icon on the map.

High Yield resources[]

  • Special resource nodes have a rare chance to spawn
    • They are identified by a bright light on top of them
    • These provides a much higher amount of resources for the same mining effort