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Components that can be salvaged into Refined Materials at a Refinery
In-game description

Components are a raw Resource that can be refined into Refined Materials at a Refinery.


Components can be obtained by mining Component nodes in a Component Field, or by collecting them from a Component Mine. Components can also be obtained from Rare Resource Nodes.


Component nodes can be mined with a Sledge Hammer or in bulk with a Harvester. Each Components field starts with 30 nodes spawned on the ground, and 167 more in reserve. Each node yields around 154 Components, meaning that each field contains about 30,000 Components. Once a field has been fully completed, it takes a few hours for the field to replenish. You can check the status of a Component Field by walking up to the large central piece and interacting with it by pressing E, or by hovering over the map icon (MapIconComponents.png).

Component Mines[]

Component Mines are World Structures which produce Components when fuel is given. These structures are the only way to produce Components before Sledge Hammers are unlocked, as regular Hammers cannot mine Components. They produce 1 Components every 4 seconds when using Diesel as fuel, and 4 Components every 4 seconds when using Petrol.