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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

The Component Mine is a Resource Mine that produces Components when fueled with either Diesel or Petrol.


A Component Mine is the only source of Components before Sledge Hammers have been unlocked, meaning that it is worth prioritizing this type of mine at the start of the World Conquest to allow for combat Vehicles, Flatbed Trucks, and Structures to be produced early.

Component Mines produce Components at different rates depending on the fuel being used. Component Mines have a production cycle time of 4 seconds, meaning that they produce an amount of Components every 4 seconds. The type of fuel put in only changes the amount being output, not the rate at which the mine cycles. Also depending on the fuel type is what efficiency the mine is running at, which is what determines the amount of Components produced.

  • Diesel: Produces 1 components every 4 seconds. Low Efficiency.
  • Petrol: Produces 4 components every 4 seconds. High Efficiency.


A Component Mine that is running will consume 1L of Fuel per production cycle, meaning that it will fully empty a fuel can in 6:40 minutes. 1000 units of fuel of each type are capable of being stored in a Component Mine (10 Fuel Cans of each type), meaning that when filled the mine can last for 66:40 minutes per fuel type.


Component Mines can be refueled either by hand, or by using a Fuel Tanker. To refuel by hand, equip a Fuel Can, then hold LMB while standing against the side of the Component Mine. To refuel with a fuel tanker, use the "Refuel Diesel IconAddDiesel.png" or "Refuel Petrol IconAddPetrol.png" actions in the Component Mine's inventory.


The Components produced by a Component Mine can be retrieved by hand with a Left Click on the right of the Component Mine's interface, under the "Retrieve Item" section. This will pull one stack of Components out and place them in your inventory. This can be sped up if you are the driver in a Truck, where using Shift + Left Click will retrieve 3 stacks of Components into the inventory of your truck.

Direct Collection[]

Direct Collection

There is an invisible loading area in front of the mine (where the Conveyor Belt comes out of the mine) which allows you to place a Resource Container on the ground and directly pull resources from the Component Mine's inventory into the Resource Container. The same can be done with Trucks like the R-5 "Atlas" Hauler or the Dunne Loadlugger 3c which are able to carry raw Resources like a Resource Container.

Note: If you have trouble finding where the loading area is you can carry the container with a crane and the crane will show you a gear with an arrow pointing in the direction of the closest loading area.


  • Check a mine's inventory and fuel status from the map by hovering your mouse pointer over the mine's icon.
  • The Component Mine creates Components and is the only way to create Flatbed Trucks during the early stages of a war until the Sledge Hammer is unlocked.