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Disambig.png This article is about general info for vehicles. For the list of all vehicle types, see Vehicles.

This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

How to build vehicles[]

Land vehicles can be built at a Garage MapIconVehicle.png using a hammer and Basic Materials or Refined Materials depending on the vehicle type. Once you're inside the Garage press E to open its menu, it will show a list of all vehicles buildable here and their cost. Select a vehicle type among the ones available, it will spawn a blueprint of the vehicle in the center of the Garage. Now equip your hammer, make sure you have the required materials in your backpack, and start hitting the blueprint by holding Left Click.

Ships can be built in a similar process at a Shipyard MapIconShipyard.png.

The only exceptions to this system are the Motorboat, Crane, and Construction Vehicle which must be built through the hammer's construction menu: press B with hammer in hand and make sure it is in Build Mode (toggle hammer mode with F). The motorboat can only be built on beaches while the Crane and Construction Vehicle can only be built right next to a World Base or Border Base.

Bicycles cannot be built, they randomly spawn in towns.

Vehicles can also be built in larger quantities at the Mass Production Factory via the production of Shippable Crates.

How to use vehicles[]

Getting In[]

Press Q to enter a vehicle. The seat you're put in depends on where you were standing relative to the vehicle, if you press Q while close to the left door of a Truck you'll be put in the driver seat, if you are on the right side you'll be put in the passenger seat, etc. To switch seats press Z or use Ctrl+1/2/3/... to switch to a specific seat number (where 1 is always the driver seat). You cannot enter a vehicle if you're encumbered (too much weight in your inventory).

Instead of Q you can also use Shift+Q to open the Seat Selection Menu to select the seat you want to get in or to check which seats are occupied/free.

Vehicles like the Barge or Landing APC lets you freely mount on their back, move around, and use your weapons even when the vehicle is moving.


Use WASD to move your vehicle around and spacebar to activate the handbrakes. Make sure to drive carefully so as to not run over friendly players or drive through a cliff. Land vehicles that fall in the sea cannot be retrieved and will be destroyed after a few seconds. While you're driving a minimap shows up at the bottom left of your screen.

If the vehicle has a boost system, hold shift to use it.

There are three types of Roads in the game: Mud, Dirt, Asphalt. Higher Tier roads let you drive faster. Driving off-road will significantly slow your vehicle unless it has all-terrain capabilities. Some vehicles, like Trucks, move slower when loaded with heavy things (see Encumbrance).

Unique Actions[]

Certain vehicles have unique actions available while in the driver seat (activating the ramp of your Barge, etc...), press F to toggle it.

Certain vehicles like the Truck or LUV lets you access the menu of buildings from the driver seat, simply park your vehicle directly in front of the building and press E. This allows for an easy transfer of items to and from the vehicle without leaving the driver seat. If you are retrieving items from a stockpile, the assembly time is significantly shorter than on foot. You can use Shift + Left click to extract 3 units of an item instead of one. Items unloaded in excess will be dropped under the vehicle.

Vehicles with mounted weapons let you use them by getting in a specific seat, press R to reload the weapon.

All land vehicles let you open and close Gates from the driver seat by pressing E when close to the gate. Ships can open Drawbridges in similar fashion.

A few vehicles like the Motorboat, the open top variant of the Light Utility Vehicle, or the Motorcycle have passenger seats that let you use your secondary equipment while seated. The Commander seat in Battle Tanks lets you do the same and let you toggle the Commander seat hatch by pressing E.

Fuel Diesel.png Petrol.png[]

There are two types of fuel: Diesel Diesel.png which is common and Petrol Petrol.png which is rare. All vehicles that require fuel can use both types, but using Petrol will give better driving stats to your vehicles. You can check how much fuel you have left and what type you're currently using by opening the vehicle's menu with E (while outside the vehicle). You can also see your fuel gauge when in the driver seat on the top left of your screen, it's the bar that is used for Stamina when on foot.

You will get a Text Warning when you're dangerously low on fuel while driving. A land vehicle that runs out of fuel cannot move, a ship can still move but at an extremely slow pace.

Newly built vehicles starts with a small amount of Diesel in their tank.

A few vehicles do not use fuel at all, like the Bicycle or Field Guns.

Every vehicle type has its own fuel consumption rate. The rate is independent of the fuel type used, the speed, the vehicle encumbrance, the driving direction, or the type of terrain. Your vehicle only spend fuel when you use the WASD keys, staying idle in the driver seat doesn't consume anything.

The tank capacity of vehicles varies as well. Some can be fully refueled with just one fuel canister (100L) while other can hold up to 300L.


There are two methods to refuel a vehicle:

Manual Refueling:

  • Grab a canister of Diesel or Petrol, and make sure it has enough units left for what you need (x/100).
  • If the vehicle is currently using the other type of fuel, open the vehicle menu with E and click the Change Fuel button to siphon the tank and toggle the fuel type to the other kind. The siphoned fuel is automatically transformed into a can and placed inside your backpack.
  • Equip the fuel canister.
  • Select the canister by pressing your 3 key.
  • Hold down LMB (left mouse button) next to the vehicle that requires fuel. You will automatically stop the fueling process if either the vehicle is full or when your canister is used up completely.

Fuel Tanker Refueling:

If there is a Fuel Tanker close to your vehicle, open your vehicle's menu with E and click the Refuel button IconAddDiesel.pngIconAddPetrol.png in the bottom right. The Fuel Tanker doesn't need to be unlocked for this to work, but it needs to have fuel canisters in its inventory.

Lock IconLock.png[]

All vehicles can be locked by a player pressing L while standing at one of the vehicle's doors or sitting in the driver's seat, or by clicking the Lock button in the vehicle's menu. Locking a vehicle prevents anyone but the player who locked it from entering it or opening its inventory. The lock may be removed by the player who unlocked it or with the use of a Wrench. Wrenching a locked vehicle can only be achieved if the vehicle hasn't been used for 5 minutes. Note that, unlike in many games, the opposing team can also enter or access the inventory of your unlocked vehicle in the same way as members of your team. The Construction Vehicle is the only exception, the opposing team can access its inventory but not enter it. You can check if a vehicle is locked by standing next to its doors, a IconLock.png symbol will appear on the top right of your screen.

The Bicycle is the only vehicle that cannot be locked.

Squad Lock[]

Vehicles can also be claimed by a squad with three or more members in the same region. A member of the squad needs to lock the vehicle then press the Reserve for Active Squad button in the bottom right of the vehicle menu. While claimed, only members of the owning squad may remove items from the truck's inventory. Additionally, members of the owning squad are able to fully access the vehicle while it is locked, including entering any of the seats, taking things from the inventory, or removing the lock. Unlike the lock, the squad claim is not removed by a wrench. The squad claim is automatically removed after 45 minutes, the only way to prevent that is for a member of the squad to toggle it off and on again to reset the timer.

Repairs & Damages Full Repair Icon.png[]

When a vehicle takes damage, it can be repaired with Basic Materials and a hammer. Just put the materials in your inventory and hit the vehicle with your hammer. The more damage, the more materials you need to get the vehicle back to full health. Each vehicle type needs more or less materials to be repaired.

Alternatively, you can repair any land vehicle at a Garage and ships at a Shipyard. Drive the land vehicle inside the building and click the Repair button Full Repair Icon.png in the bottom right of the Garage menu. It will fully repair the vehicle instantly for 100 Basic Materials (must be placed in the Garage inventory). Garage Repairs also fully repair the Tank Armor of armored vehicles, unlike manual hammer repairs. Note that vehicles of enemy design cannot have their tank armor repaired by your faction.

Disabling Threshold

A disabled colonial truck.

When a vehicle takes damage, if its health gets below a certain threshold, specific to the vehicle type, it becomes disabled indicated by grey smoke coming out of it. Disabled land vehicles cannot move, ships can still move at an extremely slow pace. Mounted weapons can still be used while disabled. The vehicle can move again if it is repaired to above the threshold.


Certain armored vehicle have an armor system which allows them to potentially deflect incoming fire. The status of a vehicle's armor is visually represented on the vehicle by wear and tear. See Tank Armor.

Vehicle Subsystems

Certain armored vehicles have subsystems that can be disabled when taking damage. See Vehicle Subsystems

Vehicle Death

When a vehicle's health reaches zero, it explodes. The explosion kills any players inside but is harmless to people outside. The vehicle's wreck disappears after a few seconds and a temporary box appears in its place, containing the items that were in the vehicle's inventory.

Vehicle Tiers[]

Vehicles unlocked in the vehicle Tech Tree can exist as a Prototype, Normal, Tier 2, or Tier 3 vehicle.

Prototype vehicles can only be repaired at a Garage and can't be stored in a Storage Depot or Seaport.

Tier 2 & 3 vehicles have increased durability (less damage is taken) and unique visuals. Colonial vehicles use green and yellow camouflage paint, Warden vehicles use white and blue camouflage paint.

Storage MapIconStorageFacility.pngMapIconSeaport.png[]

Vehicles can be stored in a Storage Depot or Seaport. Put your vehicle in front of the building, from the driver seat press E to open the Building's menu, and click the Submit Vehicle button Submit Vehicle Icon.png. The vehicle must be fully repaired (and its armor if it has any) and its inventory must be empty for it to be stored. The vehicles can then be retrieved by selecting the vehicle icon in the Building's menu.

Shippable Crates Production Parts Structure Icon.png[]

The mass production factory can produce large shippable crates containing 3 vehicles by default. You can't directly open those crates to grab the vehicles. The crates must be transported with a Crane or Flatbed Truck to be submitted to a Storage Depot or Seaport and unpacked there.

Packaging Unpackage UI Icon.png[]

Most land vehicles can be packaged to then be lifted by a Crane. To be packageable, a vehicle must be at full health and for armored vehicles the armor must be fully repaired. To package a vehicle use the Package button in the bottom right of the vehicle menu. To unpackage a vehicle simply press E next to it. If the vehicle has a mounted weapon, any ammo that has been loaded into the gun (as opposed to sitting in the inventory) will be lost when packaging.

The only land vehicles that cannot be packaged are the Construction Vehicle, Crane, Flatbed, Bicycle, and Transport Bus.


  • Do not go AFK in the driver seat, the game will kick you out after an hour. Going AFK while on foot has no such risk.
  • If you don't want to keep holding W while driving, you can press Enter, Ctrl+W, Enter to activate cruise control.
  • Land vehicles bigger than the motorbike can run over and destroy Sandbags and Sandbag Walls.
  • The only vehicles that can cross Trenches (without the bridge add-on) are tanks (excluding Tankettes and Scout Tanks).
  • If your vehicle gets stuck in terrain, type the !unstuck command in chat and press enter, it should hopefully unstuck your vehicle after 2 minutes, but you only get to use the command 8 times per war.
  • Vehicles are not affected by Barbed Wire, even ones like the FMG where the driver is virtually on foot.
  • Structure blueprints can be run over by any vehicle if no construction material has been submitted to it yet.
  • Sandbags, Wall (Tier 1), and Firepit blueprints can always be run over by vehicles.
  • Anti-Tank Mines can only be triggered by armored vehicles (Armored Car, APC, Tanks, etc...), they pose no risk to other vehicles.
  • There are no collision damages in the game, you can ram your vehicle at full speed into a wall and nothing bad will happen.
  • In a Snow Storm, your vehicle will freeze if you leave your vehicle with its engine off (no one in driver seat or no fuel) for a few minutes. Build a Fire Pit next to it to unfreeze it.