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Respawning is the process of Players joining the game initially or after dying. In Foxhole, respawning is made strategic through the Deployment System and through Soldier Supplies.

Deploying from Home Region[]

From the Home Region players can deploy into the "real" World by interacting (E) with the Deployment area. This opens the Deployment Screen where they are asked to select a "Deployment Point". Each black diamond on the screen is a deployment point and corresponds to a Base in the world. After selecting one, they will spawn at the corresponding base. Valid Deployment Points are defined by the Deployment System.[1]

Deployment System[]

The Deployment System determines where a player can spawn upon entering the war from the Home Region. Each Town Base, Relic Base, Border Base, and Deployed Landing Ship has a "Garrison Size" that can be viewed on the map (not Deployment Screen) by putting your cursor on the base. Garrison Size grows with time at a rate that depends on the number of players that have their spawn assigned at the base ("Garrison Activity") and on the Garrison Upgrades the base has. If a base has a positive Garrison Size, it can be a valid Deployment Point, and players can spawn there from the Deployment Screen.[1] A player deploying to a base reduces that base's Garrison Size. The system ensures a huge group of players cannot suddenly deploy to a newly built base from Home Region.

Bunker Bases with the Deployment Point upgrade unlocked become possible Deployment Points.

Deployments from the Home Region do not require or consume Soldier Supplies, unlike respawns after death.

The Deployment Screen accessed from the Deployment area

Respawning after death[]

In the world, players can assign themselves two spawn points:

They assign a base as one of their spawn by clicking the Assign Spawn Point Assign Spawn UI Icon.png button in the bottom left of the menu of that particular base.

After dying, the player can spectate any ally that's within 50m from where they died or spectate their spawn point.[2] Use Page Up and Page Down to cycle through the spectate options. Spectating automatically ends after a minute or so.

After waiting a period of time, they are given three respawn options: to spawn at their Home Base , their Forward Base , or to return to their Home Region. Each base must still be constructed and have Soldier Supplies stockpiled in order for them to respawn. This consumes one soldier supply.

Respawn Timer[]

How long a player has to wait before they can respawn is shown in the top right corner of the death screen. The duration of the timer depends on how long your previous life lasted, the population ratio between the two factions, and other hidden factors.

The spawn options after dying

Other spawn mechanics[]

Safe Houses[]

Safe Houses can also be set as a respawn point. Like other bases, they have a Stockpile and use Soldier Supplies when respawning. When a Town Base is destroyed, all players that are assigned to it will have their spawn points migrated to the connected Safe House with the most Soldier Supplies stockpiled.[2]

Starting Gear[]

Upon respawning, each player will start out with a Pistol, two 8mm magazines, and a Hammer. The pistol will be unloaded.