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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.45) of the game. It was last updated for 0.43.

Welcome to Foxhole! If you're new to the game, there are many community made tutorials available to you! For more help, feel free to stop by the Foxhole Official Discord or the Steam Discussions and Guides! If you are unsure of any terminology that players say, please refer to the Slang page.


Mouse Controls[]

Mouse Button Action
LMB Punch/Use held item
Hold MMB Rotate Camera
Hold RMB Aim
Alt+LMB on player Radial context menu
Ctrl+LMB on map square Paste map coordinates in chat
Alt+LMB on inventory item Drops item on the ground
Ctrl+ALT on item Splits the stack

Keyboard Controls[]

  • Ctrl+1/2/3/4/5 - switch to particular vehicle seat
  • Ctrl+↑/↓ in chat - scroll through previously sent messages
  • High resolution screenshot is placed in %localappdata%\Foxhole\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor folder (paste to Explorer address bar). Note that current graphics preset is used.

Joining the War[]

Main Menu[]

Main Page

Faction Selection Screen

After starting the game and clicking Play, you will be presented with a choice to join a faction: Wardens or Colonials.

The two factions are the same, gameplay wise. They do have visual differences between their vehicles. Be warned though! You will be locked to that faction after playing for 6 minutes as them. When playing with friends, it is best to decide beforehand which faction to join as, to avoid being locked into different factions for the remainder of the war.

There is no requirement to declare allegiance to a faction in any way, however some players decide to do so. This creates a more competitive battlefield and further fuels the various Lore theories.

Home Region[]

Main article: Home Region

After selecting a faction to play as, you will spawn in the Home Region. This is NOT the actual war! To get into some action, locate the Spawn & Deployment (Deploy) that’s right next to where you spawned. Also marked on the map as "Deploy", press M to open map. When you are close enough to the deploy area, press default key E to interact. You can also check the war map by going to a War Tent close by. Each region is separated in areas that will either be colored with respective faction's color or not having any at all. This is decided by what faction controls the current Town Hall. Click a black diamond on the Deployment map to teleport to that specific point of the map, the bigger the diamond the more active the zone.

Game Modes[]

Main article: World Conquest

Foxhole currently features two game modes: Resistance Phase and World Conquest. World Conquest is the main war that battle out across the 23 mainland regions broken into various zones. After a World Conquest ends, the Resistance mode begins. This mode is intended to patch wars with each other while making sense lore-wise.


Picture of death screen

After dying, you will be able to spectate friendly soldiers near your corpse while being able to cycle through them with PgUp and PgDown. Careful as this spectating has a time limit and it will end some time after.

You will also see two options at the top:

  • Spawn
  • Discord


Home Base[]

The Home Base a player assigns as their spawn point. This spawning option will be available unless it doesn't have any Soldier Supplies, or if it is destroyed, then you will be assigned to the connected Safe House with the most Soldier Supplies (colloquially referred to as Shirts or SS) in its stockpile. By default, the Town where you deploy from Home Region is assigned as your Home Base. Respawning at the Home Base subtracts 1 Shirt from the spawn point's stockpile. You can assign a base as your "Home Base" spawn point by clicking the tiny home icon button in the bottom left of the base's menu.

Forward Base[]

If you set your spawn at a forward base (Encampment, Field Base, Outpost), you can choose to respawn in them as long it has SS in it. Respawning at your Forward Base subtracts 1 Shirt from the spawn point's stockpile. If you didn't set a spawn point you will have to respawn instead from your Home Base. You can assign a forward base as your "Forward Base" spawn point by clicking the tiny home icon button in the bottom left of the base's menu.

Go To Home Region[]

Returns you to your Home Region. You'll have to redeploy through the Deployment Screen at the World Travel Tent


This button simply opens your browser to redirect you to the official Foxhole Discord Server.

Resources & Crafting[]

There are several main resources you will gather during the war.

Gathering Materials[]

Gathering resources is a simple as equipping a Hammer or Sledge Hammer, going to a resource field, positioning yourself near a small resource pile, and clicking the pile until it is depleted. Or collected from a Resource Mine.

A successful mining strike will produce a banging sound and sparks/smoke. A message will appear on bottom left of the screen telling players that they collected +2 (resource type).

Tip! A Sledge Hammer will mine materials faster, but still yield the same amount in total if you had mined it with a Hammer instead.

Reminder! Components and sulfur can only be gathered with sledgehammers. Hammers do not work.

Refining Materials[]

Once obtained Salvage, Components, Sulfur, and Crude Oil can be refined at a Refinery MapIconManufacturing.png .

Salvage can be refined into either Basic Materials (Bmats), Explosive Materials (Emats) or Diesel.

Components can be refined into Refined Materials (Rmats).

Sulfur can be refined into Heavy Explosive Materials.

Crude Oil can be refined into Petrol.


These materials play a vital role to securing victory in the war. Basic Materials are used in nearly every aspect of the game: building defenses and vehicles, making weapons and tools, among other things.

Refined Materials are used to produce advanced equipment in factories and vehicles at Garage MapIconVehicle.png .

Explosive Materials are only used at the Factory MapIconFactory.png to produce explosives such as Grenades or R.P.G. shells

Heavy Explosive Materials are used for really advanced explosives like mortar or howitzer shells and the Warhead.

Supply Flow.png


Building structures requires a Hammer and enough of the type of material the structure requires. All structures use either Basic Materials, Refined Materials or Concrete Materials.

Bunker and Trenches in their first stage just require a shovel, but when upgrading them to the next tier, you'll need Basic Materials and in higher tiers Concrete.

To build equip the hammer and press B to select the structure you want. You should now have a blue copy of the structure to move around and place. You can rotate the blue structure with the RMB + drag(right mouse button). Finalize your placement with the LMB (left mouse button).

Repairing structures always only cost you Basic Materials to repair, even if you needed another resource to build it.

Bunker Bases: For a tutorial on how to build a basic bunker base check out this video here:


See: Combat Guide

Kill enemies. Don't die. Support allies.

Tutorial Video:[]

Pick up equipment at bases by clicking the icons in the stockpile on the right window. of the base menu, retrieving items takes a few seconds.

You can carry downed soldier by pressing E to move them to safety or bring them to a medic. The downed soldier cannot bleed out as long as they're carried. Click the soldier's icon in your inventory with Alt + LMB to drop them.