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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.45) of the game. It was last updated for 0.37.

Frequently Asked Questions[]

These are some of the most commonly asked questions by new players.

How do I set my spawn point?[]

  • Players can set their spawn point by interacting with a friendly Static Base, or Forward Base. Interact with the building using the E key and then select Assign Spawn Point Assign Spawn UI Icon.png. The spawn point must be stocked with Soldier Supplies to allow players to spawn. See Respawning.

What server am I playing on?[]

  • Players can open the map with the M key and look in the bottom left to see server information.

How long is an in-game day?[]

  • 24 Foxhole hours = 1 real life hour; so day and night are each 30 real life minutes long.

How do I get weapons and gear?[]

  • Players can assemble weapons and gear from stockpiled Forward and Static Bases. Interact with the building using the E key and navigate the stockpiled inventory on the right hand side of the screen for the items you want. Then you can use LMB (left mouse button) to assemble a single item into your inventory. If you use Shift + LMB you will assemble 3 of that item (option only available from truck driver seat).
Make sure to equip the items you have assembled

How do I equip weapons and gear?[]

  • Weapons and gear items all have a particular slot that they can be equipped to. Refer to the Player section for what items can fit where. To equip an item click it with LMB (left mouse button) while it is in your inventory grid to move it to your equipped items.

How do I get a vehicle?[]

  • Vehicles can be built at a Garage using materials made at the Refinery. However, first ask yourself if you really need a vehicle? Vehicles are usually operated by dedicated teams of players running Logistics or operating advanced attack vehicles like tanks and artillery. If your team lacks in players fulfilling these roles then feel free to build one of your own and assist. See Vehicle Guide.

How do I build structures?[]

  • With a Hammer equipped in Slot 1, use the B key to select a structure for building and place it on the ground. Use RMB + drag (right mouse button) to rotate the building before placement. See Building Guide.

How do I communicate with other players?[]

  • Foxhole uses a simple text based chat system with a few different channels. When first logged in the channel will be set to team chat. To switch chats hit Enter to begin typing and then cycle the channels with Tab. You will see the channel icon change each time you cycle.
  • If you have a microphone setup you can use proximity voice chat with the T key.
  • If you do not wish to use tab, you can use chat commands. After hitting Enter you can then type the following commands to switch channels
    • /t = Region (Team)
    • /l = Local (All)
    • /i = World (Logi)
    • /s = Squad
    • /w = World (Team)
  • You can send private messages to other players through the f1 Menu. You can also use the command /p [PlayerName] [TextHere] , you don't even have to type the whole player name, type the first few letters and press Down Arrow to cycle through the names of players online that match the letters.

How do I find out where the battle is?[]

  • Ask other players in Team Chat where the front lines are and look for a ride in a friendly Transport Truck. Another option is to access a friendly Forward or Static Base by pressing E to get updated intel on your map regarding friendly/enemy positions and structures. Any player that is within a Watch Towers range will be broadcast on the map when you update your intel.
  • If you have a radio equipped map intelligence will be updated every time you open your map with M
  • Also pay attention to Map Posts put on map by others.

Is there a progression system in this game?[]

  • The short answer is yes, however, there are two different systems.
    1. Your Level. You can earn experience by contributing to the team via actions like building/killing/and supplying troops. This contributes to your level which is the integer value in your F1 menu screen. Currently this level offers no benefits whatsoever.
    2. Your Rank. This is awarded to you from other players through Commendations. Commendations are awarded based on meritorious achievements in game such as; kills, heals, revives, repairs, building friendly structures, and destroying enemy structures. They can be awarded to other players via the F1 menu screen. Select the upward facing arrow to commend another player. Make sure to commend players that you see doing valuable work for your team!

How do I report other players?[]

  • Foxhole has a local game kick and ban system that works in most cases. Use the F1 menu screen to look at the players in a match and find the Boot icon to start a kick vote for that player. Keep in mind that voting to kick or ban another player can have serious consequences and should only be used against players under the following circumstances...
    1. Intentional team killing
    2. Intentional unwarranted destruction of friendly vehicles
    3. Disrupting or damaging structure placement (i.e. building walls to block gates and the like)
Abusing this system to kick players you don't like or for any non-serious reason can be grounds for you being removed from the game.

How do I get past the queues?[]

  • In World Conquest - Go to the least populated region, gear up and transfer to desired region with priority.

How come I can't see enemies shooting at me?[]

  • Elevation and aiming at screen corner in 4:3 window resolution provides superior view distance, however bullet damage at such distance becomes lower.