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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.48) of the game. It was last updated for 0.46.

Once home to a great kingdom, the valley is but a whisper of its former self. Much of its history is lost, with ancient strongholds being torn down to the soil, brick by brick. The stories are passed down from generation to generation and have become twisted and fantastical. One song tells the tale of a “Golden Emperor” from the south who made the long march to the valley attempting to tame the wild mountain men. He laid siege upon the valley king’s castle for months straight, his camp scattered across the bramble fields. The icy tendrils of winter struck the valley, pushing the Golden Emperor to tuck his tail between his legs and flee. At home in the northern cold, the king of the valley took his revenge. One thing has always been true, the soil of the valley is fed by the bones of unfortunate men.
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Clanshead Valley is a map in the northeast of the world with a central river running through it that provides land connection to Morgen's Crossing.


The map of Clanshead Valley was added in Update 0.46 Entrenched.



Map Locations[]

  • The Bastard's Channel
  • Bramble Field
  • Fallen Crown
  • Fort Ealar
  • Fort Esterwild
  • The King
  • Lost Orphans
  • ort Windham
  • The Pike
  • Sweetholt
  • Tallowild
  • Throne of Druiminn
  • The Weathered Expanse

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