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The Clancy Cinder is a classic, high-powered long rifle designed for use in mid-to-long range encounters. First deployed with the Hands during a high-risk operation in Acrithia.
In-game description

The Clancy Cinder M3 is a Warden Long Rifle.


The Clancy Cinder M3 is nearly identical to the No.2 Loughcaster except it has more range but a slower timer to stabilize. This is balanced out by the longer range of the rifle as well as a faster reload speed. This rifle can use a Bayonet.

Its appearance is also nearly identical to that of the Loughcaster, implying it may be a previous model of the rifle or simply a variant of the same rifle intended for longer range engagements.

The Soldier Uniform reduces the Encumbrance of the Clancy Cinder M3 from 23% to 18%.

Historical Reference[]

The action of this rifle bears some resemblance to the Remington Model 8 Rifle, though that rifle is a semi-automatic carbine, not a bolt action long rifle. The lever on the side of the rifle could suggest that this is supposed to be a straight pull rifle, the pull resembles those on Swiss rifles like the Schmidt-Rubin.

The overall look of the rifle might also be influenced by the Mexican Mondragon rifle, which is itself heavily influenced by the Swiss straight-pulls, as it lacks the characteristic "ring safety" on the corresponding Swiss rifles.