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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

A heavy-duty, long-range marksman rifle. The Clancy-Raca has one hell of a kick but is fitted with a powerful scope, allowing infantry to survey the battlefield and provide support from a safe location..
In-game description

The Clancy-Raca M4 is a slow firing warden Sniper Rifle that always downs its target in one shot and possess with the longest range of all firearms.


This sniper rifle has a very slow stabilization speed and fire rate. It always downs its target in one shot within its 60 meter effective range, the longest range of all firearms in the game. Although its theoretical fire rate is 0.583 rounds/s, you need to wait for your accuracy to recover between shots to be effective, this places the maximum practical fire rate around 0.2 rounds/s (5 seconds between shots).


With its extreme range, the gun is the best to kill enemy machinegunners with ease and impunity (during the day at least). Tank commanders also make good targets when no tank cannon can fire beyond 45m. Due to the gun's weight and very slow stabilization, you'll absolutely need to find a very stable firing position, preferably on elevated terrain and behind cover.

Due to the expensiveness of its ammo and small magazine size, you should refrain from killing simple enemy riflemen unless it's absolutely necessary.

Historical Reference[]

The Clancy-Raca M4 Sniper Rifle appears to resemble the German Gewehr 41 (M), but purely bolt-action instead of semi-automatic, with a British No. 32 Telescopic Sight.