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The chat window is on the bottom right side of the screen. It is used to send messages to other players. The default keybind to open the chat window is the Enter key.

The chat window displays the list of recent messages. It is hidden by default and only becomes visible when a message is received, or while the player is typing a message. Messages from allies will show a blue username in front of the message, while messages from enemies will show with a red username. The chat window also shows informational messages, such as players logging in and kick votes.

There are different chat channels that messages can be sent to. The current channel is displayed in the top of the chat window. The current channel can be changed by pressing the Tab key while the chat window is open.

Chat Channels[]

Local (All)
Messages sent to this channel can be seen only by players near the sender. Local messages will also be displayed above the player for 3 seconds. Long messages are broken off early followed by three dots. Both friendly and enemies can read them. Callouts put template messages in this channel.
If the player is in a Squad, they will have access to the Squad channel. Messages in this channel can only be seen by Squad members.
If the player is in a Regiment, they will have access to the Regiment channel. Messages in this channel can only be seen by Regiment members.
Region (Team)
This channel is open by default when a player joins the game. The Team channel is used for sending messages to all allied players on the current map you are on.
World (team) 
This channel allows players on different maps to communicate.
This channel allows players on different maps to communicate. This chat is readable in a separate tab, where all other chat gets filtered, allowing dedicated logistics players to be able to read requests and other relevant information.
This channel allows players on different maps to share meaningful intel.
A player can send messages to a single player. The last player they sent a message to will have the private (whisper) channel. The player can respond to whispers by pressing the Backspace key.

Unstuck Command[]

!unstuck is a system command to move you (and your vehicle if applicable) after 120sec into a new random destination. It cannot be performed when enemies are near. Useful in case that you are stuck. You can only use this command 3 times per war.

Keyboard Shortcuts[]

Instead of using the Tab key to switch channels, channels can be selected using the keyboard, by typing the channel command in the beginning of the message.

List of commands:

  • /l - switches to the Local (All) channel
  • /s - switches to the Squad channel
  • /m - switches to the Regiment channel
  • /t - switches to the Region (Team) channel
  • /w - switches to the World (Team) channel
  • /g - switches to the Logistics channel
  • /i - switches to the Intel channel
  • /p "exact username" - sends a whisper message to the player "username"

Previous sent chat messages can be scrolled through using the keyboard, with the Ctrl+↑ and Ctrl+↓ keyboard shortcuts.


Players can be (chat) muted on different ways. You can alt+click on their character (or corpse) when near to use the quick action menu to mute them. Alternately, you can right click their name in chat or squad to mute them via the pop-menu there. You can also mute people in the region via the player list menu (press f1).

Voice muting the enemy team[]

You can mute the voices of every player in the enemy team via an option in the "Voice" section of the escape menu.

Currently due to game limitation the voices of the enemies can never be heard.

Communication Rating System[]

Messages posted in World (Team) chat, Logistics chat, and Intel chat can be upvoted or downvoted with the arrows to the left of it. Players whose messages receive too many downvotes get their Communicating Rating downgraded to "Poor" and then to "Very Poor". Your Comms Rating is shown in the f1 menu. Players with low Comms Rating cannot post messages in the 3 forementionned chat channels.

Map Posts and Sign Posts getting downvoted also affect your comms rating.


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