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This lore piece is reported on 15 November 2019.

In Reaching Trail, a small Warden Campsite can be found. The attack appears to be recent. An unique item can be found there; a bloody Loughcaster rifle. [1]


It is a grouping of 5 tents near a rock wall, with a firepit still smouldering. Around it are 6 bodies of dead Warden soldiers, with blood splattered around. A read prompt can be found upon entering the site, noting the area as well as the ominousness felt by the player.

You see chaos all around you. Blood stains the snow and viscera is splattered about. Curious though, while the blood has dried, the fire has only recently died. Almost if someone wanted the scene to be discovered.
Read prompt around the site

Loughcaster rifle[]

A simple Loughcaster rifle, caked in blood.
Item description

Leaning against the rocks, a rifle can be found. The rifle can be picked up and a read prompt is available, as well as an unique description of the rifle. Based on the item description and icon (identical to the normal rifle), it can be assumed that the (Warden) rifles in game are called Loughcaster.

The name, "Cara" is carved into the trigger guard. Small cuts are marked into the stock. This rifle cannot be cleaned. This rifle cannot be loaded. This rifle will not fire. Blood pours out from the barrel when the trigger is squeezed. It's too light. It must be cursed, you feel. You aren't sure why you still carry it.
Text accompanying the rifle.

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