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Campaign mode, known as Foxhole Classic, was a game mode of Foxhole. There were multiple servers that would each have their own campaign running. This game mode made use of the server browser, allowing a player to pick a server and a faction and jump right into the action, as opposed to the intermediary Home Region in World Conquest. Server limits meant that there would be multiple servers with their own respective campaigns, instead of the unified war that Update 0.10 brought.

Wars were fought in one region at a time. Victory went to the faction that rebuilt all Town Halls in the region. After a game ended, players were transferred to the Lobby Islands for 10 minutes for an intermission. The server would change regions, and another war would be fought. After all regions were played on, the process would repeat again, allowing all regions to be fought over again. Following this second run of games, the faction that won a majority of the regions became the victor for that campaign.

The Skirmish maps (Fisherman's Row and Tempest Island at the time) were hosted on their own, separate servers apart from the Campaign servers.

The campaign menu screen