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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

Callouts are quick pre-made messages that can be sent to teammates at the press of a button. To bring up the Callouts menu, press the H key by default.

Pressing Ctrl+LMB on map grid pastes coordinates in chat window for editing and sending.

HUD Callouts[]

The HUD menu has text and marker callouts, which can be made every 10 seconds. Selecting any of them will post their message in the local Chat and show it above above player for 3 seconds, simliar to local chat. Selecting a marker callout allows the player to select a point on the ground. A marker will travel from the player to the selected point and will be visible to all allied players who can see it. Marker "jumps" at 10 seconds and stays visible for 20 seconds.

Callout menu

Text Callouts[]

  • Medic
  • Hold Position
  • Follow me
  • Scatter
  • Cover Me
  • I Need A Ride

Marker Callouts[]

  • Suppressive Fire
  • Destroy Structure
  • Advance Position
  • Look Here
  • Help Me Build

A player using the "Look Here" Callout

Map Posts[]

Map Callouts were removed in update 0.27 and replaced with Map Posts.

  • Players can post information on the world map that other players can reply to
  • Posts can be upvoted and downvoted, affecting it's lifespan
  • Map Posts replaces Squad Markers and Map Callouts, which have been removed