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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.46.

When the Wardens lost the Deadlands, they fell back to Callahan's passage. Using its narrow passages and mountainous geography they would try and bottleneck their foes. Harsh, and unforgiving, the natural obstacles of the passage are just as much of a threat to a soldier's life as their enemies in ambush.
In-game description

Callahan's Passage is a snow-covered map with mountainous terrain, a frozen lake, and several strategic chokepoints. The map was added in Update 0.0.19. It's named after Callahan, a prominent character in the Foxhole, he lends his name to many places. He is known for a variety of actions and events.

Update History[]

In Update 0.12, all production buildings (barring the Medical Lab and Refinery) were removed from the map as a World Conquest balancing measure.

In Update 0.20, the already on other maps existing Observation Towers and the new structure Safehouses have been implemented to this map.

In Update 0.41, a seaport has been added to Lochan Berth.



The Center of Callahans Passage sports 4 docks, which access the rest of the waters via a thin river to the East. The maps lacks any Factory or Construction Yard. It only has a single refinery in the southwest.

Named Locations in Callahans Passage[1][]

  • Callahan's Eye
  • Chapel Access
  • Cragsfield
  • Cragsroad
  • Cragstown
  • The Crumbling Passage
  • Crumbling Post
  • The Key
  • The Lance
  • The Latch
  • Lingering Lashes
  • Lochan
  • Lochan Berth
  • Lost Tops
  • Overlook Hill
  • The Procession
  • The Rust Road
  • Scáth Passing
  • Sioc Approach
  • Solas Gateway
  • Solas Gorge
  • Soured Fields
  • The Stern
  • Twisted Mumble
  • White Chapel
  • Winding Crag
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