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A Forward Operating Base that's built directly into a Bunker network. It provides Infrastructure for nearby connected Bunker and Trench segments


The Bunker Base is built by upgrading a tier 1 bunker with a Construction Vehicle for 300 Basic Materials. The bunker must be part of a large bunker with at least 5 additional bunker pieces (any tier, any upgrade). The bunker we're upgrading must also not be adjacent to a bunker garrison. For a bunker base tier 2 and 3, the prerequisites are the same as other Forward Bases (Small Garrison IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png upgrade for T2, Large Garrison IconUpgradesLargeGarrison.png for T3) except that for Tier 3 the Bunker Base must also have unlocked the Concrete Concrete Materials Icon.png infrastructure upgrade. Tier 2 upgrade costs 100 bmats, Tier 3 costs 50 Concrete Materials.

Bunker Base Upgrades[]

Bunker base Upgrades contain the same upgrades as other forward bases but also have two additional upgrades trees ("Garrison" and "Command") to unlock bunker specific upgrades. Those bunker upgrades also require Infrastructure, which is provided by building Infrastructure Modifications in Bunkers. There are two types of Infrastructure: "Garrison" and "Command", one for each upgrade tree.

Image Name Required Modifications Description Approx. Unlock Time
"Base" Tree
IconUpgradesProvisionalGarrison.png Provisional Garrison Connects the base to nearby defensive structures (80m radius). Defensive structures will deactivate if player activity (set spawn) is too low (<10). 10-75mins
IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png Small Garrison Permanently connects the base to nearby defensive structures (80m radius).

Prevents nearby structure decay by consuming Garrison Supplies from the stockpile. Rate of consumption is 2 per hour per structure.

Required to upgrade Base to Tier 2.

IconUpgradesLargeGarrison.png Large Garrison Prevents nearby structure decay by consuming Garrison Supplies from the stockpile. Rate of consumption is 1 per hour per structure.

Required to upgrade Base to Tier 3.

"Garrison" Tree
InfantryGarrisonsIcon.png Infantry Garrisons 4 Allows connected bunkers to be upgraded into Rifle Garrisons or Machine Gun Garrisons. Requires 4 "Garrison" Modifications. ?
BunkerT3ATGunIcon.png AT Gun Garrison 12 Allows connected bunkers to be upgraded into AT Gun Garrisons. Requires 12 "Garrison" Modifications. 5-15hrs
BunkerT3ArtilleryGarrisonIcon.png Howitzer Garrison 24 Allows connected bunkers to be upgraded into Howitzer Garrisons. Requires 24 "Garrison" Modifications. 1.5-2.5days
"Command" Tree
ObservationBunkerT3Icon.png Observation Bunkers 6 Allows Observation Bunkers to be built in this network.
Concrete Materials Icon.png Concrete 12 Allows construction of concrete bunkers and upgrades.

Requires 12 "Command" Modifications.

Deployment Point Icon.png Deployment Point 24 Allows players to deploy to this forward base from the Home Region.

Requires 24 "Command" Modifications.

Advanced Bunker Icon.png Advanced Bunker 40 Allows construction of Storm Cannon and Intelligence Center. Requires 40 "Command" Modifications. 3-4days

Recommended unlock order (Assuming you are solo player)

  1. Provisional AI (5-30mins)
  2. Small Garrison AI (13 hours-1day)
  3. Infantry Garrisons (RG & MGG) (5-30 mins)
  4. Large Garrison AI (2 days +- half)
  5. ATG (1 day)
  6. T1 Obs Bunkers (?)
  7. T2 concrete (1 day)
  8. T4 HG (2 days +- half)
  9. T3 Deployment point (3 days)

The time it takes to unlock an upgrade vary depending on how many people have their spawn assigned to the base, the base's supplies, and whether the base is in a region that started in your faction's control at war start or not.

Once an upgrade for a specific bunker garrison is unlocked, bunkers that are connected to the bunker base via trenches or bunkers can be modified to become that specific bunker garrison type (if they don't already have a modification installed). The maximum range of the bunker tech is 40 connected bunker/trench pieces. Once a particular bunker has been modified into a bunker garrison it won't lose its modification if its connection with the bunker base is severed, it can even still have its tier upgraded.


  • Once an upgrade that required Infrastructure Modifications is unlocked, removing the infrastructure modifications won't make you lose the upgrade or the ability to build the new bunker upgrade type.
  • Bunkers and Trenches connected to a bunker base (via trenches or bunker) stop being neutral structures and become owned by the bunker base's faction. Their add-ons can no longer be removed by the opposing faction.
  • Bunker Bases are immune to friendly fire, unlike Forward Bases.

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