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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

The Booker is a high-impact three-round burst storm rifle for those who like to shoot first.
In-game description

The Booker is a warden three-round burst Assault Rifle best suited for short to mid range engagements.


The assault rifle has a counterintuitive short range, even compared to SMGs. The three-round burst fire gives it a great fire rate. The damage is good, making you certain to kill in three shots (and possibly in two if very lucky). At 18% it's the lightest assault rifle.

The key feature of the gun is that although it's slow to stabilize its aim it loses very little accuracy when shooting. So much so that you can shoot as fast as possible while standing outside cover without losing accuracy between bursts. Combined with the relatively good maximum accuracy the gun can be a killer as long as you engage your enemy at the right range and manage your stability carefully.

Although the gun starts losing damage beyond 22m, its relatively good accuracy and fire rate means you can still be a real threat at up to 25m (the very end of the white aim line) but not beyond that.

Like the other assault rifles, wielding the booker reduces your speed by 15%.

The Soldier Uniform reduces the Encumbrance of this weapon from 20% to 15%.


The gun's short range makes it adapted to night and close quarter combat. During a night encounter you can immediately start shooting and keep shooting when other guns would need you to get into a stable position before shooting or risk losing all accuracy very fast. You can move at a decent pace without losing accuracy if you keep aiming and alternate between crouch walking and walking standing. Of course if the enemy flanks and forces you to quickly flick your mouse you will lose the precious accuracy advantage of the gun.

Good cover isn't crucial unlike with other guns because the Booker has zero accuracy loss between bursts even while standing without cover. So cover is only used to help you regain your accuracy faster after a move.

Using the gun in a trench is not recommended. You won't get any real advantage from the cover and your short range makes it very difficult to stop enemies rushing to get in close range to frag you. You'd be more effective using a rifle or SMG.

The gun is also not recommended if you need to rush into a place before firing, like a trench assault.

At very short ranges (<7m), the gun can be used more liberally since even at its worst accuracy you're bound to get some hits.

Past 25m the gun's damage is too low to be useful.

Historical Reference[]

The Booker has shares a very slight similar appearance to the Huot Automatic Rifle.