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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.46) of the game. It was last updated for 0.45.

The Blakerow is a carbine with a high rate of fire compared to its bolt-action predecessor. This increased fire rate does come at the cost of innate stopping power; however, its versatility and lightweight frame more than make up for any perceived shortcomings.
In-game description

The Blakerow 871 is a Warden semi-automatic carbine best suited to short and mid-range engagements. It has a slightly lower damage and range than the standard bolt-action warden rifle, the No.2 Loughcaster.


The carbine has roughly double the rate of fire compared to the standard Warden No.2 Loughcaster. Its shots do slightly less damage on average, but its damage-per-second is significantly higher than its bolt-action counterpart. Compared to the Colonial Argenti r.II which also operates like a carbine, it provides a slightly higher rate of fire and a larger magazine capacity, but lower DPS and a slight smaller maximum range.

Additionally, the Blakerow also offers a quick loading speed, and weighs the same as the Argenti. However, its production cost is 40% higher than that of the standard rifles.

It usually kills in 3 hits, although it can kill in 2 if the shooter gets lucky damage rolls.

The Soldier Uniform reduces the Encumbrance of the Blakerow from 14% to 11%.


The Blakerow operates well in medium ranges and occupies the gap between the Loughcaster rifle and the Fiddler SMG, while also being able to contest short ranges with more dedicated weapons thanks to its high rate of fire. Because the carbine is part of the rifle category, it can equip a Bayonet. This increases the weapon's close range combat abilities significantly.

However, the Blakerow suffers from inaccuracy on longer ranges if fired quickly. In some cases, it can be useful to reduce your rate of fire to ensure hits on enemies. Crouching or standing behind cover helps reducing this issue.


  • The number "871" may refer to the weapon's year of invention, or its year of introduction into Warden forces. This naming convention is shared with other warden weapons.
  • Prior to the introduction of faction specific small arms in Update 0.42 the Blakerow was also used by the colonials, and was referred to simply as a "carbine". Additionally, it used a separate type of ammo, known as "7.62 carbine". Its stats were otherwise identical.
  • The Blakerow 871 appears to be based on the American M1 Carbine.


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